Dana White’s thoughts if Anderson Silva retires

In MMA news, Its has been reported that UFC president, Dana White, was speaking in regards to Anderson Silva fighting Jon “Bones” Jones and/or Georges St. Pierre (GSP). If this fight was to ever occur for Silva, we talking his final bout in the UFC. White stated:

“He’s probably the greatest fighter in history. He hasn’t lost and has been champion since 2006. I think he has two more title defenses and I do not know what he’ll do next or if he will retire,” he said. “He could end his career with a super fight against Jon Jonesor George St-Pierre. He could end his career like that — fight in a different weight class. I would be happy with that. Then he could take a boat and sail into the sunset.”

Although he doesn’t think Jones’ youth would play a major factor in the fight, “The Baldfather” says Father Time and his effect on fighting skills is one of the leading causes of retirement in the sport, even amongst the sport’s best.

“Age is a shit, man. It’s the only thing you can not cheat. The fighters who become champions never finish their careers at the top. Anderson may have the ability to do this. The problem is that you never know when time will catch up with you. You are the king of the world one day, then you get in there and one day is half a second slower than before,” he explained. “And only you will know right away. Anderson is 36 years old. Jon Jones is 24. Jon Jones was in that war with Rampage. He finished the fight with swollen knees, unable to walk. Then six days later he was fine. That’s how you heal when you’re 24. But the fact is that Anderson did not get beat for a long time.”

Speaking of aging veterans, Dana said that he was disappointed that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira didn’t finish Frank Mir when he had the chance at UFC 140 since he seemed to have the fight in the bag.

“He was two punches away from winning that fight,” White said shaking his head. “Instead he passed the guard and tried to apply a guillotine on Frank Mir. Nobody understood that. He will regret that decision for the rest of life. It was his fight. It was finished. I do not know how he sleeps after that.

I am an Anderson Silva fan without a doubt! Far as his style of fighting, it is a great advantage for viewers who have never seen him right. In fact, he looks like a regular dude you see in the club. This guy is gonna beat the $%&^ outta ya instead. Anderson aggressive techniques and his manipulation around the ring sure does make him one of the best ever.

Calling him the best, I would disagree on. You still have Fedor Emelianenko, who was practically a dominate beast in the ring as silva. Despite the fact he was a pride fighter, I am more than sure Dana White wouldn’t say that. Wouldn’t that be like the president of Coca-Cola says Pepsi taste better. What do I know right? I am just a martial arts/fashion blogger #kanyeshrug ..

However, he correct about silva. He has been the most dominant fighter in the sport. The only accomplishment he hasn’t faced is fighting in a different weight class. GSP and Jon “Bones” Jones would absolutely be a great bout against silva. All three well rounded fighters. #strikersallday