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vogueGivenchy designer Riccardo Tiscwent on instagram straight flexing with his sneaker collaboration with Nike for Vogue Magazine (styled by Grace Coddington). Pictured with supermodel,Joan Smalls draped across his shoulders was a kodak moment. Granted the photo of the Vogue‘s editorial wasn’t clear as expected. Needless to say, it was enough for the hypebeasts to start saying their tax money for the highly anticipated sneaker.The Air Force 1 Hi Boots would be retailing for $225 at select Nike stores. It appears Nike is not ready to play nice with the folks after Kanye dunked on them during his recent interviews. I find it hard to believe the two (Yeezy and Tisci) don’t discuss the athletic company of their sudden decision. At the end of the day, they are not going to break a friendship regards to a cooperation. It wouldn’t surprise me if the sneaker is launched around the same time as Kanye’s sneaker with Adidas. Only time will time.

Iron Will

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2013 collection


In the urban high fashion world, I question how long would it take for Givenchy pose as fashion’s  “man’s best friend” will cease. There is no shade to the designer hustler of the year, Riccardo Tisci, but perhaps am I the first fashion blogger to actually make a statement behind the barking madness of the fashion label. Showcasing the images for the pre-fall 2013 collection, it appears the collection has switched dogs, but fail to switch its kennel regarding to style. Thanks to certain celebrities for bring Givenchy to the urban demographic, it has been the label to fetch to for a while. I can’t see how some of these hypebeast purchase some of these overpriced recycled-looked items.

The past few collection has practically been extremely similar!  As of lately, fashion trends has been taken on the extended tip far as trends. This gives the fashionista more than enough time to indulge the “on-trend” items. His construction is great like no other, but I only wish to see some more tricks thrown in the upcoming collections. Far as inspiration and branding, I am a big fan of Riccardo Tisci. If there is any consolation to the collection, The outwear and footwear are great! I also liked the plaid shirts as well.. Just curious when they are going to Michael Vick the dog trend (no pun intended)..

“Iron Will”

image source: GQ

Rumor: Givenchy and H&M to collaborate in 2013

It hasn’t been 2 weeks since the launch of the Maison Martin Margiela and H&M and there is already speculation of the next designer placed on deck for 2013. early rumors are suggesting that fast fashion powerhouse H&M’s latest collaboration is to be none other than Givenchy (Gee Von Chee). Supposedly, the two labels will be joining forces in 2013. While H&M’s roster consist of Marni, Maison Martin Margiela and Versace collaborations, it would not be a surprised if this is true. Once again, this is not confirmed, but this news is completely viral at this moment!
Soapbox: My only concern is how would it affect the “Givenchy Fad” with the hypebeast out there rocking the “rottweiler” shirts or whatnot. Once upon a time, the urban community was totally aware of Givenchy (let alone failed to pronounce it correctly). Since Your favorite rappers wearing it, they want to! I appreciate EVERYTHING Riccardo Tisci has done with the label since he has arrived, but I am skeptical how this is going to turn. Lets not make this another “Ed Hardy” fad.. lol.. stay tuned.

Givenchy – 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Givenchy has been on a extreme demand through out the fashion world. With Megastars such as Kanye West, Jay Z, A$AP Rocky, and among others truly branded the fashion label into the hip-hop world. Givenchy’s creative director, Riccardo Tisci has decided to continue his noir aesthetic with a slight alteration. Out of the entire spring/summer 2013 collection, the winner was the graphic t shirt. Naturally graphic t shirts are not really the main hype of collections. If you are considering the iconic YSL t-shirt, that’s a classic must have fashion essential. Tisci’s fascination with his Christian roots is breathtaking, nevertheless. Its rich choice of fabrics and color made a statement. I sense the emotion inspired from Baroque art. This particular style of art is my absolute favorite period because of the emotion the images deliver. Overall, this is my favorite Givenchy collection (minus the Salmon skirts.. negative). Tisci has become a great asset to the brand, which this collection will prove to be one of the must haves on the streets next year.


Givenchy – Resort Collection 2013 (preview)

Riccardo Tisci and Givenchy will be advancing its menswear collection for Resort 2013. Taking pointers from the fall runway collection, the preview of the Resort 2013 range draws its inspiration from similar military tenants and elements. Although this is incredibly noticeable to be Tisci’s work, the Resort 2013 line looks like something which has been designed from the previous collections. I would honestly think this collection is a slight remix of “watch the throne” or whatnot. The collection is not bad if its suppose to define the Givenchy menswear, so be it. Based on the arrangement, I was expecting a different direction.

Kanye and Riccardo Tisci – Vogue

Throughout the years, it has been completely evident Kanye West’s extreme interest in fashion. Branding himself as a style icon, tastemaker, and visionary was not an easy task for a hip hop artist to break barriers into the industry on a high level. Fortunately, Yeezy is featured in VOGUE for the first time in the March 2012 article “Tisci’s Time.”

Kanye appears along Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci and his other famous muses, including Liya Kibede, Liv Tyler, Karolina Kurkova and Florence Welch. It has been widely known about their chemistry work from being seen at all his shows, designs,of the Givenchy brand and tapped Tisci to design the cover art for his last collaborative album, “Watch The Throne.”  So it would have been very appropriate to accommodate him alongside Tisci . Although, I have been curious what happened towards his friendship with Marc Jacobs, but that is just me.

Givenchy S/S 2012 campaign ad

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen along with Chris Moore & Simone Nobili featured in the latest campaign for Givenchy. They are clearly not wearing any surf wear, but there is no doubt Riccard Tisci‘s creative director is in like swim wear. For some reason, photographers Mert and Marcus still made sure we concentrate on the garments despite the juxtaposition regards to contrast of scenery.

Will Raf Simons consider Dior?

Former fashion designer of Dior, John Galliano, virtually commited career suicide for his anti-Semitic remarks to a couple in France. His unforgettable statements has not only lead a viral fashion frenzy, but also a horde of angry/disappointed supporters. This was a extremely difficult decision for Dior to make. However, the behavior exposed in public could not be tolerated which lead to his departure.

Galliano’s departure has led to numerous speculations whose going to replace him at Dior. Some of fashion’s elite such as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Riccardo Tisci were a huge topic of discussion. Some of the designer wanted a larger sum of money, and others declined the offer. The speculations were like a soap opera because we all were anxious to see what’s going to happen next. All good gossip starts to come to a close with their final decision. The more likely candidate happens to be no other than Raf Simons.

Raf Simons is one of the premeire innovators in the fashion industry.  He is widely known for his minimalist aesthetic at Jil Sander and his own label, Raf Simons (along with his diffusion line, Raf by Raf Simons). He is a visionary has been quite rebellious because he happens to follow his own lead opposed to being trendy (talk about a risk taker). As we all know, there has been no one to disagree with his approach as his work continues to improve since his arrival at Jil Sander in 2005. Right now, He is still working at Jil Sander, which raises the question how fast are will they seek to finalize the approval to the house of Dior.  With fashion week coming up in a couple months, there are alot of expectations heavily on the line. The shifting from one fashion house to another is exhausting, but I am sure this is going to work out great.

In order for Dior to provide a clean slate, this is exactly what they need! Throughout the years, John Galliano has brought us the noir-theatrical emphasis of the Victorian era designs while Raf Simons delivers a futuristic minimal approach. If you have notice, there are totally different concepts. Talk about out with the old (nostalgia) and in with the win (futuristic).