Rihanna and Kate Moss – Vogue UK


Everyone’s favorite supermodel, Kate Moss and Superstar vixen R&B singer, Rihanna sparking up the fire for  Vogue UK’s November 2012. Photographed by Mario Testino, the risque shoot has truly engaged their inner sexiness with some mean F*&^ faces. It’s not a question whether these two are killing this sultry shoot. I love the contrast of the chic black ensembles and the bubblegum backdrop frames, which adds a sugar and spice effect. Talk about watch the throne for these two. I am not sure if it get any better than this!

Talk that Talk – Rihanna (Esquire UK magazine)

The images of Rihanna‘s shoot for Esquire UK magazine has finally surface. Out of all her recent shoots, I think this is my personal favorite. Honesty, its has nothing to do with her being practically nude in the photo. It is the raw beauty and energy she delivers which makes it simplicity at its finest! This Barbados beauty has made it adamant she loves her some bad boys. I would not say I am a bad boy, but there is a time and place for everything. I can dream, right #kanyeshrug ??

Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Forever

Sexy Pop star and my babymama (in my head, of course) Rihanna has hit the cover for Elle Magazine‘s May Issue. The “Talk that Talk” singer is in fact not pulling any punches far as the editorial work. Nostalgic images provided a charismatic sex appeal which is an instant classic. Every shot she has done never ceases to amaze me. In fact, I never understand why she is not featured in more campaigns or some fashion label’s muse. On the other hand, I am not necessarily a huge fan of the blonde hair. It kinda gripes me seeing ethnic artists reach a status to where they have to be featured with blonde hair and blue eyes.. I guess I should not complain as much because She does what ever she wants right?  One thing I will not discuss is her previous relationship with singer Chris Brown (find that on another blog). The only thing is important is her selling the look shown below.


Rihanna’s collection for Armani

Rihanna simply just can’t stop, won’t stop! The good girl gone bad was previously on a campaign for Armani Jeans. Since she is no longer the face for the brand, Ri-Ri is collaborating with them far as fashion design! The images shown are apart of the collection that will be launching very soon. There is no doubt Rihanna is one of the biggest fashion figures in pop culture, but I am curious what the viewers feel about the collection.

 Honestly, I think is an honest and personal collection. From the looks she has been pushing for some time now (i.e.The leather jacket, distressed jeans, etc) provides the edge Rihanna possess! Talk about her as a singer you want, but you can never take away how she can easily make an ensemble look extraordinary (its here to stay people!). Sexy and simplicity is the key in this collection. Ladies, the only thing you need is a red wig and some swag. You will be good to go from there! Will you look like Rihanna? NO, but you certainly have some classic staples for the closet! lol 


Rihanna for British Vogue, November Issue

People say whatever they want about Rihanna, but she possesses an effortless trait this pretentious society fail to obtain; the trait of being that “It factor”! Rihanna captures a nostalgic appearance on the covers of British Vogue magazine. Taking the looks of this covers simply takes my breath away.

Rihanna can make almost any image become the best thing ever. Sometimes it hurt boggles me, she never really took on a modeling career. Her swag allows her to change her style from little miss sunshine to good girl gone bad and looking like a potential new character character off the hit show, Mad Men.

Unfortunately, I do not want to be the black fashion blogger who happens to pull the race card, but how come when certain minority celebrities have to appear Caucasianized (I just made that word up) from their rise to superstardom. Is this a universal look. Would you see Sharon Stone with an Afro? I don’t think so.. I am not trying to make a racial debate, but it does provide some form of curiosity regards to how we should identity ourselves..

Nevertheless, RiRi kills it!


Rihanna – Glamour Magazine

First and foremost, I don’t give a flipping fuck what a mothaf*&^%a  has to say when it comes to Rihanna. Besides the fact she is the future mother of my kids (in my head), She possess an “IT factor” which most people fail to achieve in their lifetime. Rihanna gracing that red wig of hers in the latest Glamour Magazine spread.       

When I say she sold it, she’s SOLD it!! Ri-Ri is dope like a pair of those Christian Louboutins with the red bottoms, you gotta have em and shoutouts to the ladies who have them because I know you glad you got em #Hov. Sometimes I have to take intervals at a time to look at her because the beauty is Fucking Ridiculous (in my Rza voice)!



Xiaolin Gruv meets Chris Brown

I promise I was not trying to throw shade when I made the Rihanna post followed by Chris Browns. This video brought me EXTREME attention due to the choreography. It was extremely similar to Xiaolin Gruv. Xiaolin Gruv is an unique form of dance which fuses martial arts techniques with an 8 count. You have seen ABDC’s Quest Crew from the west coast performed it.

From the last few music videos, its really shown. This is about to the next big thing. Martial arts involved in a different avenue of expression. Shoutouts to the martial artists in the tricking community exposing themselves out there! Hate it or Love it, martial arts is still an art. Glad Chris Brown is implying it with his comeback. Your real fans never left ya! The video below shows the start of Xiaolin Gruv