Watch The Throne Tour Kanye Tee – RSVP Gallery



Watch The Throne Tour Kanye Tee – RSVP Gallery.

Inside’s Virgil Abloh’s concepts

This video show here features one of Kanye’s style director (s), Virgil Abloh. As the co-founder of Chicago’s high end ubran store, RSVP gallery,  he takes the time to give out his perspective regards to style and design.

For those who either don’t or didn’t know, anyone in Kanye’s camp has a specific purpose. You really think he would have a group of leeching off his success? Please! Peep ya boy out in this video!


George Condo X Kanye West X M/M Paris

R.S.V.P. Gallery of Chicago will be releasing a limited edition scarves by M/M Paris retailing at $300.00 a piece. The scarf consists with the images (painted by George Condo) seen on Kanye West’s latest album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Images features, “Ballerina“, “Power“, “Face“, “Priest” and the infamous “Phoenix” painting. The first time looking at the scarves I instantly fell in love with each and everyone of them! Of course each one possess its own personality, but $300 is pretty steep for one scarf.

The only way you really would like to give the true effect from the image above is by purchasing at least (=$600). With only a 100 per print are being made, they will sell pretty well. Its hip hop and high fashion. I would love to have me a few, but there is always some other time! The store is already accepting pre orders as we speak.. They will be release only at RSVP Gallery on May 9th, 2011