Homerun with Umit Benan


Racism in the fashion world has always been a taboo. Last year, supermodels, Naomi Campbell and Iman, put the industry on front street with the deprived positions obtained to black people in the fashion world (i.e. designers, models, buyers, editors, etc). Indeed, we are one of the top consumers in every industry! Now in 2014, fashion designer, Umit Benan, created a nostalgic collection inspired by Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball. Although blacks have always been the unsung hero on style, swag, and taste-making, Benan recapture those classical moments one would see at their grandparents photo album to the runways with his all black modeling cast. A solid nod to the rich and grounded colors hue in varsity jackets, wide lapel sportcoats while the relaxed silhouettes provided easy suiting. Besides avant-garde Maison Martin Margiela and Rick Owens, there has not been many who are seeking to embrace more ethnic beauty (i.e. black, asian, arabic, hispanic, etc.) to capture a universal audience!

Iron Will

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Cast 3 Co-stars with 1 stone = ANTM dismissal

America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) has come to its plunging point of its sitcom. It has reported supermodel Tyra Banks shed shade towards her long time co-stars J. Alexander, Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker the other day (talking about cast 3 co-stars with one stone).

There contacts have not been renewed for the next upcoming season. Despite the fact my neglectfulness (i made it up lol), it was a distasteful to take away some of the most important people who kept the show very entertaining with their expertise and aesthetics. Nigel Barker, as we all know, is a high fashion photographer while Miss Jay taught the ladies how to strut the runway (and own it) and Jay Manuel having the creative direction. If there was a situation where the creative direction was not going anywhere, they I could see why she chose to give Jay Manuel the boot. With the energy Miss Jay has, I would have deep thoughts about dismissing.

There is no one in my fashion conscious mind I would think has the personality nor the reputation to teach these ladies as he would! As for Nigel, I would not have suggested him to leave. His advice is great and he comprehends from all worlds. It would suffice if Barker was a guest judge, sporadically. There should be room for an upcoming photographer to gain shine for branding themselves like him.

I will admit it has been a while since I have watched America’s Next Top Model. To be completely honest with you, there was entirely too many seasons which consisted branding C list celebrities rather than building the reputation to achieve supermodels. Nevertheless, the ladies are lovely to watch with the exception many wasn’t about that life. Being unable to adapt to their surroundings according to specific photo shoots, ego, etc. The show did have TOO many personalities, but letting them go at once is completely ridiculous!!

Lanvin: Fall/Winter Women’s ready to wear 2012 collection

Lanvin’s fall 2012 collection gave a direction which I was not prepared towards! Whenever I think about Lanvin, I think about beautiful color palettes with laser cut clean lines with the greatest draping garments. The color palette was black and white. Black and White is my favorite color combination, but this is something hard to digest. This is expected from a Dior or Chanel of course.

The collection featured a textures of velvet skirts which float itself in the air with sleeveless blouses. Then creative director, Alber Elbaz flipped the scripted with a showcase of embellished dresses loaded with luxurious studs and jewels. The collection’s accessories was an attention grabber! Giving the imagination of the glamorous nostalgic women of Hollywood, the models were accessorize in mink scarves and classical gloves, which are practically non-existent in our generation!

It has been 10 years since Alber Elbaz has been with the brand. There has not been a dull moment and he only gets better.

BCBG MaxAzria – Fall 2012 NY Fashion Week

This week kicked off with New York Fashion Week.BCBG Maxazria has shown some beautiful ensembles down the runway. The color palette through the collection consisted on neutral and nude colors with the exception of dark reds, pink, and yellow. How the colors arranged does deliver a retro late 60s – early 70s vibe, which appears to be on trend. There are alot of draping and flowing garments. Color-blocking has proved its here to stay again for the fall as dresses are layers with fur vests. The accessories were pretty dope for the ladies; they were a little basic, yet effective. I love the contrasting of the outerwear in the collection as well.. One of the great things I love about BCBG MaxAzria is their direction maintain the equilibrium between American and European design.

Antonio Azzuolo – Spring/Summer Collection 2012

I really don’t have to say much about Antonio Azzuolo because every last one of his ensembles are incredibly tailored and aesthetically the ish! The collection takes a range of the savile row Gentleman regards to the suits to nautical approach. Double-breasted suits are slowly making a huge comeback while the sportcoats and blazers are taking us back to the 90s with a modern twist.  I have not seen any collection of his which I haven’t liked yet. Totally speechless.


D&G spring 2012 collection

The images displayed before you are the 2012 Spring/Summer collection for D&G. Being an avid fan/supporter of D&G, I was really getting some mixed feelings regards to this collection. Collectively the designs was great, fabric superb, but the originality was extremely questionable. Based on the print from the garments, it really gave me a hint of Etro and Gianni Versace back in the 90’s. The looks given in this collection is driving away from their niche, the glamorous life. Sure these designs are great, but not for this label.  Some people would probably disagree with me, but this is not the D&G I know.

Dries Van Noten – Paris Fashion week (fall 2011 collection)

Retro with a Dries Van Noten twist.

Dries Van Noten’s collection displayed classical and modern elements from the collections. One thing about this collection is the fact Van Noten always tends to give his own personal twist from what has been done in the fashion world. Its great for a fashion designer or shall I say, ARTIST, to give out their own interpretation. Besides Yves St Laurent, I totally get inspired how he translated menswear items into his women’s collection, which later on I will give my personal twist as well (totally masculine don’t worry lol).  Anywho,  the collection has different prints and style, which is consistently done. Nicely done.


G-star Raw spring/summer collection 2011

I have been aware of G-star for a number of years now. Each collection has never gave the slightest sense of disappointment. This collection consists of Asymetrical sheer blouses, dark rinse sleeveless denim shirts, and just hardcore denim.

The denim already gives an subtle masculine approach. Their jeans did give me a slight baggy appearance, which make me question if this is the beginning of the 90s trend approaching (baggy clothes, stay at home); however, the cut from the pants were not exaggerated and everyone can wear them.

Betsey Johnson Fall Collection 2011 NY fashion week

Its edgy.. its fearless.. noneoftheless, chic! Women everywhere has that edge which Betsey Johnson always bring out! Floral prints to exotic animal prints has always been her signature, but this time she gave a more gothic look to provide the juxtaposition of various elements. I don’t know any woman who doesn’t love her work . Its like saying a gangsta don’t like Scarface. She gives you everything and more!

Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter Collection 2011

Another glamorous and fly ass collection from Dolce and Gabbana. For the past collections I was having so-so feelings towards. It was not the fact they were bad, but it didn’t give me anything. Most fashionistas out there would perhaps agree with me, but I can never deny their sharp silhouettes and fine/practical designs! This collection is perhaps a favorite since their 2007 collection.  Monochromatic color palette with a bold hint of Hot intense colors of Red and Purple. Virgin Wool suits and sequin blazer displays the essence of the Dolce and Gabbana brand! These guys are perhaps my favorite designers because they cause neck breaking looks!

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