Kanye’s Determination

Those who have follow the blog within the past few months would be aware my post of Kanye West. Many Fashion bloggers post him only based on the imagery, but I like to take a different approach. Although image is everything, but seeking to find inspiration for people is perhaps greater. For example, Mr. West has attempted to take his love for fashion to another level by enrolling to Saints Martins College (a fashion grad school in London).

Unfortunately he was not granted to attend. Followed by disappointed attempts to attend to the Alexander McQueen and (Ironically) the Balmain show, he does not let that determine his fate in the world of fashion.  It is not easy for a person to be black, straight, and be a hip-hop artist to cast the spotlight within the entire fashion universe. I consider this situation like inthe movie,  “The Cookbook” . You have a brotha who moves into this suburban estate, but based on his demographic he is not entirely welcomed. I am not saying this is the case, but this road is not as straightforward one would think!

Basically what I am saying is when you are in the pursuit of being GREATer, there will be greater obstacles in the way. To a small degree, you would denied the privilege of certain great opportunities.  Having the determination fused with integrity shall over those obstacles. Its not easy being fashion all the time and its certainly not easy being great!