Straight Flexin: Maison Martin Margiela Sneakers

margielaI copped my first maison martin margiela line 22 sneakers last year. The feeling as they touch your feet is like resting your feet in a luxury car surrounded by pure leather. These retro classic sneakers inspired from the 1970s original model with suede and lambskin leather and gum bottom sole. It was like love at first sight. Recently, I bought a couple more pair of the sneakers. Feels like you are wearing Salvatore Ferragamo loafers. 🙂

Salvatore Ferragamo 2013 Fall/Winter Collection


Now here’s a collection which is made to last!! The 2013 fall/winter collection for Salvatore Ferragamo gives us the masculine edge with a sophistication. Whenever I look at this collection, I imagine my son being inspired from a great sense of style and eventually inherit from yours truly (I can dream right). The collection defy the rules in terms of color palette. Whoever said black and dark blue should not go together should get out of the stone ages. The dark hues are working together in a harmonious fashion. If I could, I would purchase every garment of this collection.

Image source: Style

“Iron Will”

Suck my preppiness

Today was a beautiful day enough for me to rock my yellow Michael Kors jeans (they were originally white). Recently, I have been going through a hip hop/rock-star mood. However, it was great add a change in the mix! The ensemble shown above is to express my aesthetic of the day, All-American prep. I chose to rock this vintage glen plaid/houndstooth jacket under my light blue John Varvatos shirt, Polo neck tie, Murano vest, my recently Michael Kors dyed yellow denim pants to add a pop of color and with my favorite Salvatore Ferragamo loafers!

Its alright to have a distinctive style. After all, style is indeed personal. Because it is personal, I want to make sure I express more than one side of myself. So should you!

“Iron WIll”

Salvatore Ferragamo – Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Salvatore Ferragamo‘s 2013 collection has taken a different direction. This collection has featured significant amount of eye-popping colors from rusty orange, aquamarine, and cobalt appeared on piped lapels and color-blocked pockets. These concentrated hues, and even intermixed through the use of sheer V-neck sweaters. I would advise to use only a few colorful pieces and work your wardrobe around those (it doesn’t have to be from this collection). Because this is a colorful collection does not meant it should not be taken seriously. The Ferragamo brand certainly made sure there was no ounce of elegance being diluted with its full volume of color.



Milan fashion Week: Salvatore Ferragamo – A/W 2012 collection

Whenever I think about Salvatore Ferragamo, I instantly think about sophisicated italian sartorial looks and hollywood glamour. This fall/winter 2012 collection truly gives that vibe! Creative director Massimiliano Giornetti made a rich collection inspired by the urban landscape.

Giornetti created a strong color palette, clean masculine silhouettes, outerwear and accessories. There are some intricate prints with beautiful velvet jackets and Double breasted suits. If Douglas Fairbanks or Cary Grant was still alive, this collection would be something they would rock!


Ryan Gosling in Ferragamo

There have been a couple of photos of actor Ryan Gosling in Salvatore Ferragamo. I must say he really does pull the looks off pretty well. The first look from above is more of a weekend resort look with the classic blue and white wingtips while the next image towards a formal look. The tailoring is emaculate and the attitude is effortless which accentuates each look. Overall, these are classical pieces which would not go out of style!