Game of Death

onitsuka-tiger-2013-fall-harandia-2There is no question without a doubt Bruce Lee brought martial arts into pop culture on a level no one can practically duplicate. One of his iconic ensembles was the black and yellow jumpsuit from Game of Death. The outfit was not complete with out the Onitsuka Tiger sneakers.

ringtune-bruce-lee-game-of-death-203138The Harandia from Onitsuka Tiger in Golden Black is a new running shoe style that’s draws inspiration from classic runners, past and present. Due to the material constructed, its without a doubt the shoe remixed  into modern times and with a modest price! It’s obvious Bruce had taste in almost every genre. Clearly these are a classic to cop here!


High Fashion Sneakers for Adidas.. Yay or Nay???


Raf Simons + Adidas

It has appears Adidas has been adding more designers into their roster. The shoe and clothing brand has been known for their collaborations with SLVR, Opening Ceremony and Yohji Yamamoto with Y-3. Now, Rick Owens and Raf Simons has gone aboard to design for them as well. One thing I would like to say is everything designer doesn’t mean its going to be dope, no shade. For example, I have absolutely have no comprehension besides the fashion hypebeasts to be purchase some sneakers which look like orthopedic shoes with horse hoofs.

Rick Owens for Adidas

                                                    Rick Owens for Adidas

These very same designers I truly admire and have captivating collections who inspire creative individuals to understand fashion beyond the garments themselves. Honestly, these designers we discussing don’t even find inspiration from garments themselves. Instead, it’s the architectural, visual art and furniture designs. Often times, their visions can easily be backfired. If anyone has been paying attention to the recent collections, Raf Simons included the footwear for Adidas into his collection. There are some unique design approaches such as the “shoe-in-shoe” concept, while unveiling new styles for greater variance and depth. The colorful sneakers are unisex in numerous colorways and various styles. Despite this is an Adidas sneaker, you can still see its aesthetic and breaking border shapes for definitely Raf Simons.


Raf Simons + Adidas

Out of the sneakers from Raf Simons, I am feeling only a couple of sneakers from the collection. Clearly, this is not like a sneaker for any or everyone when it come  to design. I skeptical to see how well these will sell. When it comes to the avant-garde, I am all for it. At the end of the day, I am not fully sure if the world is truly ready for these next generation sneakers (at least in American pop culture).

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“Iron Will”

Straight Flexin: Maison Martin Margiela Sneakers

margielaI copped my first maison martin margiela line 22 sneakers last year. The feeling as they touch your feet is like resting your feet in a luxury car surrounded by pure leather. These retro classic sneakers inspired from the 1970s original model with suede and lambskin leather and gum bottom sole. It was like love at first sight. Recently, I bought a couple more pair of the sneakers. Feels like you are wearing Salvatore Ferragamo loafers. 🙂

D&G sneakers

There was no way for me to stand in a line for some sneakers. Even if you are the biggest fan to the most talked about hip hop artist in the world. This past weekend, Kanye West launched his sneakers a day after his birthday. Due to the extreme hype and savage activities to obtain these highly anticipated sneakers, i took an alternative.

The sneakers i recently purchased was there hi-top techno fabric blue sneakers from D&G. The shoe consists of three adjustable straps. The several designer sneakers can very comfortable, but these are my favorite. I do not have a problem with weight of the sneaker.  Seriously would not be “too trendy” by rocking a suit. You can still have your rock star or skater boy swag by using your own mix into it. It does have a color pop, which makes a statement to your ensemble. Contrasting colors would work as well.

Sometimes substitution can suffice in this economy. Speaking of the economy, I think I should not parade about fashionable purchases. Fortunately, fashion is a gateway to express myself visually. It also an outlet for one to escape the harness of reality. Everything worn should not only express yourself, but also according how you feel on a given day.

luckily, I got these babies on sale. With the price of a road trip, probability of a sneaker due to time and money, I think I made a wiser choice.


“Iron Will”

Enter the Dragon – Nike Air Force One

I was quite bummed I was not able to purchase the highly anticipate Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers last weekend. Once I received an email about these sneakers, they gave me some slight ease. This will be the 30th anniversary of the Nike Air Force 1 as they will enter the dragon on these joints! Taken inspiration from dragon boats and traditional Chinese dragon iconography, the texture of upper is red suede which imitates dragon scales while the bright blue leather accents and outsole represents water. Lower top include a gold Nike swoosh, a knitted tongue and an extra set of red shoe laces. Being a Chinese martial arts practitioner, its a hella dope sneaker to actually wear to show off that “martial fashion aesthetic”

Honestly, I the last pair of Air Force One’s I bought were the PlayStation sneakers in 2007. Judging from this colorway and design, I will be impatiently waiting for their June 23rd launch date!


“Iron Will”


A new style for women unlike any other. Y-3’s Freya, a sneaker-sandal cocktail explosion resulting in a futuristic gladiator look! Its silhouette is inspired from the original men’s sneaker. Honestly, I see this sandal as being uni-sex. Maybe its just me, but it sure does seem like everything sexy is named “Draya” (from basketball wives) or this case, “Dreya”

purchase it here


I am slowly starting to love the designs Vans, are going! The silhouette of the sneaker looks like it slightly improved.  With premium dress shoe leather uppers and pigskin linings, the quality is a lock, but the snakeskin and cheetah fur is what makes this pack a must have! The sneakers will launch april 1st!


Adidas originals by originals Jeremy Scott – spring summer 2012

Earlier last year, I have posted some of the latest sneakers Adidas ObyO were launching for this year. Jeremy Scott has brought us more innovation a little bit more than we can obtain! The collection displays from nostalgic silhouettes to of the chart designs. How far do you tend to go with your sneaker game?

Air Yeezy 2 Release Date

It has been reported the highly anticipated sneaker, Nike Air Yeezy (The sneakers of Kanye West) is schedule to launch March 24th, 2012. I don’t know about you guys, but its time to save some change before they drop!

The 1st edition Air Yeezy’s swept every shoe store they’ve entered. People are still being sold to the highest bidder on ebay. These will be no exception!

Jeremy Scott 2NE1 Collage wings

You simply never know what you are getting when it comes to Jeremy Scott. Man I tell ya this guy is starting to release shoes out as much as Jordan. I seriously can not keep up. The other day I literally purchased the streetball hi top sneakers. With a pop of color with a mix of faux cow fur, you have a work of art. Be on the lookout for these bad boys in November.  Talk about an early Christmas present!

Jeremy Scott/Adidas ObyO fall ’11 collection

I came across these from a great friend of mine! The fall collection Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals by Originals are without a doubt creative! People were buzzing on the streets regards to the Teddy Bears joints Wayne rock’d on 106 and Park. The bones are my favorite (gotta dope as fit already on deck), but not really feeling the panda bears. what you think?