A bathing Ape 2012 spring/summer collection

A great way to interpret American fashion staples with the signature A bathing Ape flair. The collection is simple, yet its signature camo packed a punch (ironically its subtle at the same time).


D&G spring 2012 collection

The images displayed before you are the 2012 Spring/Summer collection for D&G. Being an avid fan/supporter of D&G, I was really getting some mixed feelings regards to this collection. Collectively the designs was great, fabric superb, but the originality was extremely questionable. Based on the print from the garments, it really gave me a hint of Etro and Gianni Versace back in the 90’s. The looks given in this collection is driving away from their niche, the glamorous life. Sure these designs are great, but not for this label.  Some people would probably disagree with me, but this is not the D&G I know.