Stella McCartney _ Resort Collection


Stella McCartney never fails whenever it comes to collections. This resort collection makes no exception. Take a little bit of plaid with a retro color palette and fringes, you have a dope ass collections. This collection truly caters to the versatile woman, which she focused on her strong suits with flared pants, retro prints, boyfriend blazers and lightweight flowing dresses. The fringes and flared trouser was a 70’s giveaway. The color palette took on vibrant hues of marmalade orange, yellow, forest green and hot pinkĀ  in neutral accents. Despite the 70s flare, some of these pieces can give a modern touch. Depend on how you rock them.. Overall, Stella slays it every time!


Stella Mccartney – Spring 2012 campaign

Stella McCartney has been mentioned quite recently. Judging from the looks of this campaign of her brand, I could not help to think of nostalgic inspirations. The shots featuring the model alongside the flowers gives off a groovy look.