Floral Monday

Mondays have the stigma as the downfall of the new week. We turn up on weekends but turn down on Monday.. Personally, I’m trying look at it from a different point of view (may be temporary).Having our new edition (child) slowly approaching, I think to it’s best to be optimistic more frequently. A great way for me to express in stylish manner is with my outfit: 👕 – #balenciaga : 👖 – #oldnavy : 👟 – #maisonmartinmargiela : 👓 – #johnvarvatos .. The floral t shirt was a great way to reflect my optimistic spirit towards a bright week!

Its a graduation; celebration bitches!!

931242_10100580119897254_152841095_nMy little family decided to make an attendance for my father’s graduation ceremony. My father graduated from the University of Louisville with his BSW  (bachelors in social work). His determination derived from a place where opportunities were famished due to the surrounding of drug dealing and violence. Hustlers have to make a dollar by any means necessary. Fortunately, my father saw the light and took an exodus of that lifestyle years ago. I am not sure whether or not, this was because he became a father or the relentless effort to improve himself?  I think it’s a blend of both. Now, he manages to dedicate himself to helps from similar situations with degree and pursuing his Masters. Good well done!


my son (rocking the Burberry) and I took a brief pit stop for a snap shot.. For my look, I wanted to go with an informal sophisticated look consisted of classical pieces with a touch of color. Mixture of high and low items from Polo (shirt and chinos), Target (navy blazer), Tie (vintage), and velvet brown oxfords (Maison Martin Margiela)


My lady and our son leaving the graduation in her Prabal Grung shirt dress, Louis Vuitton purse, and black suede wedges.

“Iron Will”