Clashing Patterns Digest

tumblr_mew4siwxIR1r2a14qo1_1280I love a pattern clash here and there..sometimes I believe there lies a story of the juxtapose colors and shapes.. If there is one thing about patterns, you must use with caution!


fashion’s substitution vs. imitation

0722422250_1_1_2There is a fine line between substitution from imitation. Often times it tends to become overkill. Fashion is not only for the rich and glamorous! Despite the fact most trends are created from high fashion label, high street fashion brands (not labels, difference) would imitate the look for less. Take these shirts from the spanish brand, Zara, for example. They practically got the some of the most popular fashion t-shirts with a fraction of the retail price. It is completely obvious which shirt is being inspired from what designer. However, these popular garments are sold out within minutes! Every one can’t purchase those items. Therefore, a substitute rises from the surface. I must admit some of these “inspired” pieces will just as good as their predecessors.


Brooks Brothers “The Great Gatsby” Lookbook



I remember my junior year of high school reading “The Great Gatsby” actually made me think about the finer things in life. The lavish parties, beautiful women, and clothes. There was a mystique about Gatsby I could relate to. What’s relatable about menswear are the classic essentials. Brooks Brothers, the father of Americana Fashion, designed a collection for the new film adaptation of “The Great Gatsby” . You are never get wrong with classics. There is something about the sophistication of the garments that was truly . To be honest, I would have love to see Michael Bastian designed for the film. However, they wanted to start true to the aesthetic F. Scott Fitzgerald desired (agree to disagree). Nevertheless, it’s still a good collection..

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Bon Qui Qui visits Alexander Wang

A few months ago my lady and myself happened to see Comedian Anjelah Johnson at The Palace in Louisville. Known for her comedic performance via youtube and MADtv, she slayed her portrayal as the banji boriqua, Bon Qui Qui for T by Alexander Wang‘s 2013 spring/summer campaign. She moved on up from fast food to high fashion retail clerk as the new employee for Alexander Wang’s store. Indeed, she does what she do best (being ratchet).  With cameos by Alessandra AmbrosioA$AP Rocky, Shannan Click, Simon Doonan and Natasha Lyonne, this can a great way to express campaign in an unconventional kind of way. I was not expecting this from Alexander Wang. Sometimes we tend to take fashion a little too serious. Laughter is the cure for everything. Lets have fun with fashion!

“Iron Will”

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2013 Menswear Collection


Besides my birthday coming up, I would think fashion week is one of the best parts of starting the year off right. We get the chance to see fresh ideas each designer brings to the table. One of the designers who never fail to impress me is Roberto Cavalli. Due to his recent illness, his son, Daniele Cavalli, has taken the throne to deliver this collection. There is something about the designer’s fall collections which my stylish conscious mind break me down to my knees as if I was getting sidekick’d in the stomach. His cool choice of colors create a discreet volume of movement. Seeing the geometric printed shirts layered under exotic skin sleeved outerwear of Crocodile/fur leaves a subtle balanced look.

Daywear is not existant within the collection. Judging from the colors of choice, it appears the designer has a taste for the nightlife. Honestly, I don’t think that is a problem since the dark hues can be applied to according to its respective season of wear.

“Iron Will”

Image source: Style

3.1 Philip Lim is “Trickin” it

Showcasing the Video campaign of fashion label, 3.1 Philip Lim‘s upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Mr. Lim never cease to amaze with his fashion aesthetic. However, it appears he officially became my favorite fashion designer has he acknowledged “tricking” to the fashion forefront. Those who have not seen my previous post about tricking, but its a hybrid movement which consist of martial arts techniques fused with tumbling and dance moves (Although the tricker was not credited on the video, I could easily tell it was world champion Micah Karns of Team AKA/Sideswipe, due to his signature kicks showcased). It has been around for almost 20 years.

There is a time tricking was the main deal in the sport martial arts community. This lifestyle has transferred from competition to movies, dancing on America’s Best Dance Crew, TV perfomances from Dancing with the stars, Grammys, etc. However, to find tricking enter the high fashion is world is way beyond a breath of fresh air. I only vision this in my head. One of my close friends, Carmichael Simon (others include David Douglas, Mike Chat, Jon Valera) who I consider a brother is one of the forefathers of tricking in the early 90s, had inspire thousands of people who help paved the way it is today!

Philip Lim will always and forever get my praise to acknowledge these martial artists and performers to another aspect of life! I am uncertain he’s a martial artist; lets just say he is an honorary brother of the empty hand!

“Iron Will”

A Date with Miss Wu

Jason Wu’s new contemporary line, Miss Wu, is all about girlish whimsy. So it’s fitting that the designer came up with a free-spirited, feminine film to showcase his first collection. “As my main collection has evolved to be sexier and more evocative, I wanted the sweeter side of my design sensibility to be preserved,” says Wu of his new range, which, priced between $190 and $800, launches today at Nordstrom. Inspired by iconic couples—like Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger, and Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg—the collection’s easy striped sweaters, laid-back cardigans, flirty frocks, and floppy hats have a decidedly French feel. So, too, does the short, which, directed by Todd Cole, was influenced by French New Wave films, specifically those made by Jean-Luc Godard.


Home away from home


the ensemble: my DIY shogun denim jacket, D&G t shirt, William Rast jeans, Jeremy ScottxAdidas sneakers,  POW! Necklace by ambush,(not shown) custom rings by melody enshani

Normally after work on Wednesdays, I tend to get off early and stop by one of my favorite spots in Louisville, 21c. I have posted several things about 21c. However, I can not help it because it’s one of my very places in the city where I wanna escape from reality and tap into my artistic utopia. All artists are aware that inspiration surround us 24/7. Then it’s that one specific place where its pure tranquility. Along with international artworks and embracing local talent, the best part about this museum is that it’s free!

As you seek total inspiration, find that one place where you believed it’s heaven. If cant find it, make one up!

My christmas gift

Thom Browne for Neiman Marcus Collection

Christmas 2012 was not really a bad holiday after all. To be quite honest, I was not really expecting to get any gifts. I honestly felt like Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” because one of the gifts which made my day was the Thom Browne blazer from the Neiman Marcus Target collection. I was actually glad my girlfriend decided to surprise me with such a gift. 3 button suits does not really tickle my fancy; however the fitting and minor detailing truly suffice the overall look. I am loving for the fact its the fraction cost of an average Thom Browne blazer. After us spending money on the kid, its great someone gives you want you want for the holidays.

Ronnie Fieg x Dr. Martens 2012 Fall/Winter Capsule Collection Part 2

ronnie-fieg-x-dr-martens-2012-fall-winter-capsule-collection-part-2-1 ronnie-fieg-x-dr-martens-2012-fall-winter-capsule-collection-part-2-2

Footwear designer Ronnie Fieg has teamed up with Dr. Martens for the second and final installment of a 2012 fall/winter capsule collection. The collection takes two of Dr. Martens’ iconic models, the Rivington Brogue and the Bowery Boot. Each shoe was given an extra creative twist. The Bowery boot features an oxblood leather upper adorned with camo suede, while the Rivington shoe features a full black and camo suede upper. Both shoes are detailed with full brogue, recalling Dr. Martens’ roots in the United Kingdom. This capsule collection will launches Today at Kith New York locations, as well as Ronnie Fieg‘s website.



D Wade matches up with Alejandro Ingelmo


The NBA All-Star, and, debate-inducing pink pants aside, all around dapper gent is bringing one of GQ‘s favorite sneaker designers into the fold of his athletic lifestyle collection WADE. Announced today, Alejandro Ingelmo will act as Creative Consultant for Special Projects for the brand, offering up his sharp sci-fi meets sports eye on the brand’s footwear. Ingelmo’s first project will be translating WADE’s on-court athletic shoe into one made for everyday wear that we’ll first lay eyes on during February’s NYFW. We won’t speculate on what the street and performance mash-up could possibly look like but considering Ingelmo’s current appreciation of reflective, 3M fabric, we’ll bet good money you’ll be able to easily spot the kicks come next spring.