The New Old Fashioned

2This week is the a pretty much a huge deal in the city. The Kentucky Derby occurs during the first weekend of May every year. Many of the A-List (also the B,C, and D list) celebrities visit Louisville for our annual festivities, which consists of horse races, pretentious lavish parties, fashion shows, etc. There is a particular iconography reflects around the derby. grandiose hats, floral and pastel colors for the women while you embracing the conservative staples of seersucker suits and tribly hats for the men. Honestly, it’s too predictable and so boring.


I understand its iconography, but can we please stop “playing it safe” with the old fashion ensembles. Sadly, there is nothing vintage chic about these looks. Fortunately, a local fashion stylist, Fitz Fitzgerald, of the voice tribune provided a revamp take on the old fashion derby look and provided a contemporary twist. It’s great to be a little old fashion, but stay slightly up to date. Due to the anticipated release of The Great Gatsby, it was no brainer to curate a shoot intertwine with our annual festive event. Personally, I love how he use each ensemble had its own sense of identity without losing its harmony.  It’s all in the matter of knowing your menswear essentials and add your interpretation.


Creative Direction/Styling: Fitz Fitzgerald

Wardrobe: Dillards, Macys, Nitty Gritty

Lens: Cristy Elaine

“Iron Will”


Working …


The Ensemble: Leather Jacket, ASOS; T Shirt: Raf Simons; Black Sweatpants; Sneakers: Jeremy Scott by Adidas; Vest: Jordan Craig; Accessories: 21 Men (forever 21)

During the super bowl weekend, I was asked to help style a fashion shoot for black and grey magazine. Declining the request would asinine due to the fact I have been eager to work with my colleague, Bil Brown, within the past couple years (on my trinidad james shit, “mama always told me,boy count your blessings). All jokes aside, we have finally manage to find the appropriate project to do so!

I got the chance to meet the models, make up artists and assistants for the shoots. Majority of people came different parts of the region (i.e. Indy, Nashville, etc.). The shoot could have not performed any better . Despite we have worked a little bit late (happens frequently at shoots), everyone worked in a complete harmonious fashion. The meeting of the minds started to ignite as each one of began to create snowball effects of creative ideas for the shoot. It was practically improvising along the way (kinda)… There were no ego; instead, it was just a group of people doing what they love!

Besides working with everyone, I got the chance to work with my sister, who was the hairstylist for the project. Unfortunately, this is our first project together. Personally, it was breath-taking because we never get the chance to do much because of our hectic schedules. I was glad she had the ability to work on such short notice. Overall, the shoot was a success. This was my first styling project for the year! Off to a decent start and I will not be stopping any time soon.

“Iron Will”

Styled by June

The day I saw June Ambrose, I was instantly in love! She is an incredibly beautiful woman with hella swag and unfathomable enthusiasm about style and fashion (talk about the ideal woman for yours truly). She is a woman of poise with such eloquence no one can deny her presence. June has been in the fashion industry styled some of the biggest celebrities in the game. She converted P Diddy and Jay Z from the baggy jean/jersey ensemble to symbolizing the executive businessmen they truly are as well as Will Smith, Mary J Blige, Marey Carey to name a few. After years being in the spotlight she yet to get her own show….. UNTIL NOW!!!

Tonight was the priemere of VH1’s “Styled by June”. One of the great things about the show is seeing the business side of June. People fail to understand being a stylist is not playing dress up in designer clothes; You are their life coach as well! It’s a hyper competitive business where you (the stylist) are the backbone of releasing the ideal image of an individual. Style is personal. This is something June has mastered this skill and it explains very well dealing with her clientale.

Every stylist will always need to have an assistant. The assistants help the stylist to make sure their clients are happy! Unfortunately, I could not say much about Rachel. Despite the fact she was new into the game, she is only there on a humble! Quite frankly, I am pretty sure she got the internship because of a reliable source #noshade. She does not have a personal sense of style, does not have tough skin for the business, and she’s not about that life #shrugs. So what was she doing there lol?!?!  (Back to June shall we)

Overall, the show is off to a great! Naturally, there are many fashion crazed people out there who are blatantly trying to compare whose better between her and Rachel Zoe. It will be comparing apples and oranges. I will keep my opinion a secret, but it has been long for June to finally have her own show. Praise God!!!

Team Swank – Styling workshop

If I haven’t told you god didn’t bless us, then slap me (just prepard for a block punch reaction). Turns out celebrity fashion stylist, Olori Swank of Swank Consulting firm has organized a workshop for aspiring stylists! Now is the time for people like us to sit down and take notes on how the game is being done! Some of you out there may be skeptical if this is legit. As an avid supporter of fashion,  I would never stir you guys in the wrong direction (my homeboy is on the squad). There will be 3 different course which are:

1. The Business ($175) – a 3 hour course of the business side of fashion styling and how to get started. style development, various job types, job prep, determining rates, budgets, shopping & returns, pull requests, building contacts, getting work, production companies & agencies, how to build your portfolio, and how to build your prop kit.

2. The Fundamentals ($100)-  forecast trends, , how to conduct pre-production research and fittings, how to use the tools in your styling kit, dressing different age groups & body types, personal shopping, building inspiration boards and fashion history. You will receive an all-inclusive workbook for this course

3. Portfolio ($375) – You take a guess (self explanatory)

The classes wtill be from June 24th – 26th

Location: 233 Mitchell Street Suite 350 Atlanta, GA 30303

get more info here fashionistas