Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero

This is one of the recent episodes of Mortal Kombat Legacy. One thing for is to provide an episode whereas Scorpion and Sub Zero battle it out! Fire and Ice always cancel each other out, but one of them is about to get canceled like Nino Brown. 

 With the remake of the franchise, I am questioning the true ultimate outcome which made the two as ultimate enemies. Those who have not played the game, I shall not give any spoilers. Hopefully Warner Bros. will get that right!

So much for the “so called realism” ! That statement was a joke because you can only take it so far without extracting the essentials which makes Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat lol!

The fighting scenes were alright. I was not ultimately impressed for the most part. One thing about the fighting scene is way beyond the kick and punch. The fighting scenes should always be cohesive with the story/script. There wasn’t any feeling regards that matter. however I was please to see some Boxcutters ( that was the twist kick followed up with the hook kick in the air) and inverted tricks in the sequence!

old skool: Keith “Hirayabashi” Cooke

Wu-shu stylist Keith “Hirayabashi” Cooke demonstration at the night time finals back in the 1980’s! He was considered one of the great back in the day! Many people would not recognize him in the movies, but he was Reptile in Mortal Kombat and Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (best fighting scenes in both movies).


worst fighting scenes of all time #1

to provide the balance, I have to throw some bashing every once in a while. Take this fighting scene for instance from mortal kombat conquest. when I was a kid it was coo, but growing up you see somethings from a different perspective. Clearly this shit sucks ass. There was no realism in the choreography at all! it was very cheesy, but the problem was trying to convert mortal kombat as a family (epic fail). Be the judge of yourselves