fashion’s substitution vs. imitation

0722422250_1_1_2There is a fine line between substitution from imitation. Often times it tends to become overkill. Fashion is not only for the rich and glamorous! Despite the fact most trends are created from high fashion label, high street fashion brands (not labels, difference) would imitate the look for less. Take these shirts from the spanish brand, Zara, for example. They practically got the some of the most popular fashion t-shirts with a fraction of the retail price. It is completely obvious which shirt is being inspired from what designer. However, these popular garments are sold out within minutes! Every one can’t purchase those items. Therefore, a substitute rises from the surface. I must admit some of these “inspired” pieces will just as good as their predecessors.



My Substitute Louis Vuitton Dons (lol)

There is one great thing to learn about economics is the substitution of goods! Personally when it comes to certain items a little bit beyond your budget or simply don’t feel like burning a hole in your pocket, seek the substitute. However, all substitutes are not created equal (i.e. Fila hi-top immitating the Prada hi-tops), but The Jordan L’ Style II were definitely an exception! I was did some miscellaneous shopping to Deveroes. There I stumbled across these all red shoes. I have been contemplating on a red shoe, but these Jordans actually stuck out.

Not only was it dope ass sneaker, but it reminded me of the Louis Vuitton Don sneaker from last year. The slight resemblance gave me enough reason to buy the shoes and well as the sale price ($70). They are very comfortable and let alone provide a perfect pop of color. It can work well with a monochromatic ensemble to give FOCUS; Perhaps to accentuate the red in your garment (just make sure its very subtle). Always be happy with your purchase, but also be smart about your money too. Some substitutes are worth it!