lay it on me

Talking about an legendary shot by Naomi Campbell and Tyson Beckford. Two of the hottest black model laid up butt naked in a photoshoot. I know there are some people out there gagging about this photo, but can’t you blame them? How often are you going to Naomi Campbell up like that? The closest way I will be laid up on her by wearing my Marc by Marc Jacobs with her on it. They also had the nerve to provide a pop of color with the sneakers haha..

All jokes aside, I truly love this image of these two. Rare we will see two revolutionary black supermodel (male and female) on this level capture an image like this, haute. #PureArt

Sheila Johnson

I am loving Sheila Johnson’s look! This model is delivering hauteness as if she was born to be in the camera. A top model in the making whose been recently spotted at New York Fashion week, July’s issue of Elle Magazine & the November issue of New York Weddings. She is slowly on the rise to become a supermodel. That third look is screaming sexy!!

Sheila J The Model.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford – Vogue Mexico

Before I had any form of knowledge on fashion or models, there was supermodel Cindy Crawford. She was everywhere from high fashion editorials to her own JC Penny line, but here is the latest spread for Vogue Mexico. Through the lens of Tesh, this is the first shoot I have seen from her in a long time; looks like to me she hasn’t missed a beat! Out of all the models in the world, she should be one of the first ones to be brought up.

 Officially a cougar whose letting these new generation models know how its done! She screams glamour and sexy at the same time in this spread. I have been taking extreme notice based on the models from the 90s are still getting editorial work (this 90s trend is so viral) today; however, they know how its done. I really would love to see more of her work (Tom Ford campaign would be nice). In closing, I would say there was some jealousy running in my vains from watching Fair Game with that Baldwin Guy as a kid lol. Sell that $#%@ Cindy!

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Kate Moss – Paris Vogue

Kate Moss on the May 2011 cover of Vogue Paris

Of course Fashion model Kate Moss is sexy, but damn she has been on popular demand. After all, she is the 3rd highest paid model! Paris Vogue decided to knight her on to their May issue. The seductive red backdrop truly enhances the red lipstick for a lil’ more sex appeal. Normally I hate red lipstick on women, but Kate does it pretty well..