Somethings don’t involve a 12 step program. This shotokan form is called Nijushiho. The term is translated as “24 steps” . The practitioner here is demonstrating the form (kata) followed by a bunkai (an analysis based on the individuals interpretation on the techniques within the form). This form is considered an advanced black belt form which is also found in Tang soo do ( E Sip Sa Bo ).


Anthony Price – IKC Long Beach (old skool)

Anthony Price, one of the most recognized martial arts fighters in the sport karate world. This Cincinnati native has fought and best the best throughout the 80’s – 90’s.  I wish karate was still recognized like this as it was back in the day. We will make a comeback!

Tang soo do’s black belt

I have learned an interesting concept on why their belt is Midnight Blue. The color is midnight because it symbolizes the practioner doesn’t know everything because there is always room for improvement and perfection.

Whether you are an artist, fashion designer, dancer, fighter, or whatever, always know there is always more to grow from your craft. Your kicks can always be faster, punches stronger, the draping and silhouette of the garment can always improve.

Rank and status should never end your journey. Never  limit yourself! Inspiration and motivation never sleeps..