Dance with the devil

#tbt one of the reasons why I love #maisonmartinmargiela is because of a similar design of the #nike boot from the first #batman movie. The unfathomable love for the Belgian designer’s aesthetic was almost like love at first sight.. I have no idea this was the inspiration but it only sufficed to think it was!!

The Mall of America review

Every American shopper would love the mall of America. Besides training and school, the mall back home was a second home. There was no chance in hell I was going to miss out on seeing getting here. Eye CAndy was everywhere; I really felt right at home.

After spending hours shopping, I was so amazed how big the mall was. Besides the H&M, heritage 1981, etc. the store which I love the most was the Hugo Boss store.

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The mens clothing was entirely modern chic. some for the displays reminded me of the recent Wall Street movie or perhaps Christian Bale’s wardrobe from The Dark Knight. The customer service was simply excellent. There isn’t a place where some one can get great clothing with customer service. If you got the bread, I strongly recommend for you to go.