The New Old Fashioned

2This week is the a pretty much a huge deal in the city. The Kentucky Derby occurs during the first weekend of May every year. Many of the A-List (also the B,C, and D list) celebrities visit Louisville for our annual festivities, which consists of horse races, pretentious lavish parties, fashion shows, etc. There is a particular iconography reflects around the derby. grandiose hats, floral and pastel colors for the women while you embracing the conservative staples of seersucker suits and tribly hats for the men. Honestly, it’s too predictable and so boring.


I understand its iconography, but can we please stop “playing it safe” with the old fashion ensembles. Sadly, there is nothing vintage chic about these looks. Fortunately, a local fashion stylist, Fitz Fitzgerald, of the voice tribune provided a revamp take on the old fashion derby look and provided a contemporary twist. It’s great to be a little old fashion, but stay slightly up to date. Due to the anticipated release of The Great Gatsby, it was no brainer to curate a shoot intertwine with our annual festive event. Personally, I love how he use each ensemble had its own sense of identity without losing its harmony.  It’s all in the matter of knowing your menswear essentials and add your interpretation.


Creative Direction/Styling: Fitz Fitzgerald

Wardrobe: Dillards, Macys, Nitty Gritty

Lens: Cristy Elaine

“Iron Will”


Brooks Brothers “The Great Gatsby” Lookbook



I remember my junior year of high school reading “The Great Gatsby” actually made me think about the finer things in life. The lavish parties, beautiful women, and clothes. There was a mystique about Gatsby I could relate to. What’s relatable about menswear are the classic essentials. Brooks Brothers, the father of Americana Fashion, designed a collection for the new film adaptation of “The Great Gatsby” . You are never get wrong with classics. There is something about the sophistication of the garments that was truly . To be honest, I would have love to see Michael Bastian designed for the film. However, they wanted to start true to the aesthetic F. Scott Fitzgerald desired (agree to disagree). Nevertheless, it’s still a good collection..

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