Little Black Jacket

(This was featured a while ago, but some the f**k what) Karl Lagerfeld and Claire Roitfeld has decided to cast a twist on Chanel‘s iconic “tweed jacket”. This shoot has brought some of the most stylish figures in pop culture. People such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexander Wang, Theophilus London, Kanye West, Riccardo Tisci, and several dozen others were shot in this gorgeous black and white piece. It’s amazing how someone will see “black and white”; however, each individual provides color from their mood ring.

Everyone’s style was dead on matching their true aesthetics to the little black jacket. There are a million ways to rock this garment. If you can see in the images, each artist (this is what we are calling them now) is wearing something essential to their signature looks. Notice this jacket is truly “unisex” hence it has no gender. Typically, you mainly see this particular silhouette won by women, but in fact the style was originally a man’s jacket. There were many more images, but I have taken the ones I find to be the most appealing regards to expression.

I strongly believe this shoot has truly inspired me to get a custom tweed jacket made within my martial fashion aesthetic

“Iron Will”