Partying and Fashion

I am not a friend of short notice. One of my fashion colleagues informed about a nice fashion birthday with one of the socialites in the city. There wasn’t much to do after watching my son; therefore, it was time to meet and mingle! Who is gonna turn down a fashion party?!

The party was fabulous! Some of colleagues were in the attendance (some you will see material shown in the near future)! Cola Hayden, the host of her party, had everyone hyped, including myself. This was a non camera-shy zone….There isn’t a better way to throw a party with chic individuals with great hospitality..

Complimentary champagne and great food fixed with fashion was a great place to be on Thursday night! Whenever, I throw a big party, I know whose gonna be my host, dammit!!

The ensemble I chose to wear tonight was clearly military (one of my favorite trends. I wanted to mix a little bit of high/low with Express military jacket, D&G t-shirt, John varvatos jeans and my Lizard skin combat boots. The look was mainly all black (within the exception of the shirt and scarf), but the fit was european inspired.

Prime Lounge, 106 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202