Rugby Ralph Lauren: Camo Skull Tote Bag

One thing about the fall, you must go hard! I am not just talking about your wardrobe, but also the accessories (they anchor the ensemble).  A way to do so is by demonstrating that inner soldier with one of these Totes bags by Rugby Ralph Lauren.

Presented in three different sizes, they come in a camouflage canvas with a vintage touch, featuring an all over skull and bones embroidery pattern.  Not sure if these are going to be limited but they should be a must have!


(For the ladies) CHEE CHEETAH TOTE – Betsey Johnson

you gotta face the music, animal prints are never going out of style! This tote bag for Ms.Betsy Johnson is cookin! Perfect for the sexy ass ladies who wants to accessorizes with that pretty girl swag! I would think it looks great with all black everything. Now because its Betsey Johnson, you can go bananas with the colors in your garments. A lil Heatherette here, Patricia Field there. How ever said you have always drop 5 stacks in a make up bag?

CHEE CHEETAH TOTE – Betsey Johnson.