Raymond Daniels vs. Jason Grenier – Team Fights (NEO 2011)

Despite the fact this fight is several months old, Its probably one of the most exciting ones of the year! Raymond Daniels (yeah the guy who looks like Drake, JK) of Team All stars bouts it out again Jason Grenier of Team Full Circle in the team sparring division at the New England Open 2011. Both of these fighters are not known on the national circuit for great basics and quck counters!

The fight was intense which left a surprise result of Grenier winning the match 4-2. The footage is from sport martial arts

Pedro Xavier vs Keith McKinley

There is nothing like Old skool martial arts fights! One thing I can say is guys in this era you are watching really brought their A game and truly hit!! Some east coast fighting legends executing dynamic kicks and strikes. gotta love the old skool #homage