Shooting in the Gym

gym time

I haven’t trained here in a while. There is never a moment it does not feel like home stepping into the dojo. The martial artist (Jeremy) who owns the building is always adding new shit. Sick MMA is probably the second martial arts facility I go and train whenever I get the chance! If you want to work on tradition martial arts (i.e. Judo, Wing Chun) to Boxing or MMA, Sick MMA is the place to do in the kentuckiana area. Recently, I have decided to put in some extra work because a brotha needs to lose some weight and get right for this local tournament. Timing is everything to me. It doesn’t matter how fast or hard I perform a technique; on the other hand, its useless to give the satisfaction of stepping into the ring.

gym gym2Besides cardio, one of my main issues was drilling. Drilling is probably more important than sparring because you are actually working out the kinks. It gives you the chance to focus on timing and reflexes. Personally, I love drilling better than sparring because there is always a new discovery about myself. Its time to put on the sauna suit and pack a sweat!

“Iron Will”





Back to the Basics

karate chop

Nowadays, I have not gotten the chance to train with anyone else. I must admit it has been a very frustrated experience balancing work, curate my upcoming label and being with my little family. For example, there is no one available to critique you (determine you what you are doing wrong or what you can improve, declined sense of timing, etc.) it sucks.. some times life sucks as well. On the contrary, it ultimately depends on your interpretation of life. Recently, a testimony begin to marinate in my subconscious mind exploding into the unfathomable appreciation of my current position. One word to describe it, rediscovery.

While training, I had to become realistic based on my techniques. Like fashion, martial arts correlates to the concept of “less is more”. We always reflect back to the basics which has allowed to open the door of our progression. These very same basics are built our journey in learning ourselves. its helps us strength our techniques and evolve into advance technique (i.e. martial arts tricking and locks and traps).

From a sport martial arts aspect, I always felt compelled to always execute multiple kicking. Instead, I micro-analyzed everything from my footwork to my striking (speed and power). This process was treated as if a tailor would curate a couture dress or a bespoken suit. In fashion terms, these items are made to only fit that particular individual.  I never realized how great it felt to strictly work on basics techniques on another level. we try to work on things we find to be attractive. Somethings we find attractive isn’t compatible to our built. Perfect what’s made particularly for yourself.

I look at the fighters and form practitioners I admired throughout the years. Often times, I would imitate those moves based of its cosmetic effect to my eye. When I have been frustrated why things have not worked out to my advantage is because I never tried to work out my basics to that extreme higher level until now. Of course, I have improved in training, physically. On other hand, it’s that training for what is fit for you and making it your own. Developing that exploding feeling of a backfist and a solid side kick striking the heavy bag helped me realize it. This is something no one had to tell me. This is something I discovered all on my own. That’s the hidden beauty some of us never tend discover from ourselves. It’s not a martial arts testimony, but a life testimony.

“Iron WIll”

Martial Arts Eye Candy: Denise Kielholtz

There is something about a sexy woman who can legitimately fight drives me insane. This eye candy martial artist goes by the name of Denise Kielholtz. She has won titles in both Judo and Kickboxing. In the interview, Denise discusses her martial arts background and accomplishments. She can definitely fight as good as she looks! The execution of her techniques are purely flawless. Not to mention, it appears she has a sense of style as well. A woman like that should be the mother of my other children in the future haha!


Yip Man – Mok Jong

I have come across this not so longer rare footage of the late-great wing chun master, Yip Man. Check out how fluid he was on the Mok Jong. Wing Chun dummy are designed to practice blocks and strikes. The sticks on the dummy emphasizes the limbs of the opponent. With efficient practice, you will begin to condition your own limbs while understand the lining of your technique. A great tool for every martial artist to have.

Training Tools: The Intermix training system

For those have been previously following my goal, you may have notice my good friend/colleague, Carmichael Simon with some one of the training devices he helping towards the fighting market. This video here demonstrates the application of the reach arm on the BOB (seen on the video).

This is what you call training, “solo dolo”. These applications will guarantee develop faster reflexes without the use of a sparring partner. Imagine the miserable days unable to find a sparring partner for that timing you need to stay sharp. Naturally you have been training on the speed and power of your techniques opposed to an object projecting towards you (with NO telegraphing)  Well this is going to be your answer! Quite frankly, I find this very commending for a fellow martial artist (forms comepetitiors rather; no pun intended) to brand something beneficial for fighters. Talk about innovation.

Soon this training equipment will be on the market for personal training use. In case some people have not seen the other videos for the device, you may see them below.

Details on purchasing are coming soon.

Reach Intermix