The New “Trinity” Judges of ANTM

Juxtaposition should become a new fashion term in the industry. These past few years, we have seen numerous designers playing musical chairs with other fashion houses. Some were successful exits while some were drastically declined. While ANTM, the fashion industries most popular (overdrawn) series were not exempt! Replacing the faces of J. Alexander, Nigel Barker, and Jay Manuel are going to be some fresh faces to the panel.

The first person would be fashion blogger/international socialite, Bryanboy. For many people who are into fashion would know about the successful blogger as he documents his travel ventures in high fashion, style and glamour! He has been seen front row at countless fashion shows around the world. The Filipino fashion enthusiast has been behind the scenes in the fashion industry to indicate what people want. My main concern is his position to the panel truly be valid?? Sure he is a highly successful fashion blogger, but what contribution has he made for fashion (I.e. Besides sitting front row and blogging) to acquire his opinion. There is no shade, but I am quite curious to exactly pinpoint it!

The next judge to the panel is model Rob Evans. The ex British Boxer turned model was first seen at Givenchy s/s 2011 collection in 2010. Ever since, he has been featured in countless blogs and shows, etc. Replacing the three judges, I could easily approve this choice. Having one of the top 20 male models on the panel is truly an unexpected choice! For someone whose fresh in the game, I would if this would be a shift Evans would like to make. The model was seen out and about with former supermodel Tyra. I’m praying he hit that…….. If so, he probably got a secure spot for sure. Besides, he would be great for ratings over all!

Johnny Wujek pictured with Katy Perry

The last judge confirmed is celebrity fashion stylist, Johnny Wujek. Honestly, I was not aware of him. However, I was highly aware with his work behind styling Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj (which explains the correlation of their party girl/barbie aesthetic). Like Rob Evans, Wujek was also a model. The former Next model first job was modeling for a Dolce and Gabbana charity event. In the show, he will be replacing Jay Manuel, as he will be the creative director with the challenges and photoshoots.

According to Tyra, the show needed to a new boost! Although this may be accurate, but I still feel like the panel is not fully complete. There is one model, stylist, and a fashion blogger. Who is going to mentor the models on the catwalk? Whose going to provide the ideal photographer opinion regarding the shoot? I am really feel apprehensive about this season’s inability to deliver the complete package towards guiding the contestants. A couple of seasons prior, they took a new spin by adding Andre Leon Talley to the panel. ALT’s fashion/modeling expertise are second to none! With his enthusiasm and charisma it should have gain that extra spark. His perception of the show failure to promote “top models” but rather “B or C list celebrities” as distasteful, which I totally agree.

Naturally these are people who have worked their way towards relevancy in the fashion world, but I am still expecting more! Sure these new judges are up and coming fashion figure; however, are they aiming for popularity or real person with significant expertise in each given field (perhaps they are currently unaffordable). You might as well have me or some of my other fellow fashion/model bloggers be apart of the panel (if that only proves my point)! What the Trinity of ANTM has done will prove to be untouched!


Cast 3 Co-stars with 1 stone = ANTM dismissal

America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) has come to its plunging point of its sitcom. It has reported supermodel Tyra Banks shed shade towards her long time co-stars J. Alexander, Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker the other day (talking about cast 3 co-stars with one stone).

There contacts have not been renewed for the next upcoming season. Despite the fact my neglectfulness (i made it up lol), it was a distasteful to take away some of the most important people who kept the show very entertaining with their expertise and aesthetics. Nigel Barker, as we all know, is a high fashion photographer while Miss Jay taught the ladies how to strut the runway (and own it) and Jay Manuel having the creative direction. If there was a situation where the creative direction was not going anywhere, they I could see why she chose to give Jay Manuel the boot. With the energy Miss Jay has, I would have deep thoughts about dismissing.

There is no one in my fashion conscious mind I would think has the personality nor the reputation to teach these ladies as he would! As for Nigel, I would not have suggested him to leave. His advice is great and he comprehends from all worlds. It would suffice if Barker was a guest judge, sporadically. There should be room for an upcoming photographer to gain shine for branding themselves like him.

I will admit it has been a while since I have watched America’s Next Top Model. To be completely honest with you, there was entirely too many seasons which consisted branding C list celebrities rather than building the reputation to achieve supermodels. Nevertheless, the ladies are lovely to watch with the exception many wasn’t about that life. Being unable to adapt to their surroundings according to specific photo shoots, ego, etc. The show did have TOO many personalities, but letting them go at once is completely ridiculous!!