Nike Free 5.0 TR Jon “Bones” Jones Edition


Nike has released a special edition of its Free 5.0 TR for current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones, who just signed with the sports brand last summer. Designed to give the wearer greater freedom of movement thanks to its ultra flexible build, it was only natural that these two parties would find a match with the Free 5.0 TR. The shoes feature a predominantly tonal black upper marked by an interwoven pattern and contrasting Gym Red accents on the outsole, and “Bones” and “Jones” printed on the tongues. A subtle but integral element is the pink that lines the edges of the woven bands, allowing them to pop out from the body of the shoe. Priced at $105 USD, the shoes and an accompanying T-shirt can be found at select Nike outlets as well on .

Despite the great design, I don’t see how this is considered as “functional”. Are going to see more martial arts (or mixed martial artists) with sneaker launches. Are there going to be used inside of the pentagon? Afterall, the sneaker is made for Jon Jones and he is a fighter! I love the fact Nike has taken the step to curate sleek footwear, which I would hope they would be able to design apparel for other sport martial arts styles (i.e. sport karate, Tae Kwon Do,  wrestling, etc.).

Iron Will


GSP vs. Anderson Promo Poster


There was a time I have dreamed if Anderson Silva would go head to head with Georges St. Pierre. The martial art gods have answered to those prayers because it has been scheduled to be one of the greatest bouts in UFC history! I admire both of these martial artist (notice I did not say Mixed Martial Artist). These two are the epitome of well-rounded skills with unparalleled styles. Strategic striking will be in full effect.I am not sure how the crowd would take that because they don’t see or respect the mental aspect of fighting/sparring. For the two being strikers simply makes it better coming from a sport martial art background. Only a matter of time we shall experience one of the most watched fights in UFC history!

Sidenote: Those who have never seen any of their fights, the videos below are highlights through their career.

“Iron WIll”


Knockout video of the week: Edson Barboza

Knockout mondays! The video I decided to post was from the UFC bout a few weeks ago with Edson Barboza landing his opponent with a beautiful spinning hook kick!! The amazing thing about this was not only the technique, but the fact he landed the kick while both fighters are in a ready position. Spinning hook kick are generally better as a counter. Check out his opponent’s arm at the end #priceless!!

Dana White’s thoughts if Anderson Silva retires

In MMA news, Its has been reported that UFC president, Dana White, was speaking in regards to Anderson Silva fighting Jon “Bones” Jones and/or Georges St. Pierre (GSP). If this fight was to ever occur for Silva, we talking his final bout in the UFC. White stated:

“He’s probably the greatest fighter in history. He hasn’t lost and has been champion since 2006. I think he has two more title defenses and I do not know what he’ll do next or if he will retire,” he said. “He could end his career with a super fight against Jon Jonesor George St-Pierre. He could end his career like that — fight in a different weight class. I would be happy with that. Then he could take a boat and sail into the sunset.”

Although he doesn’t think Jones’ youth would play a major factor in the fight, “The Baldfather” says Father Time and his effect on fighting skills is one of the leading causes of retirement in the sport, even amongst the sport’s best.

“Age is a shit, man. It’s the only thing you can not cheat. The fighters who become champions never finish their careers at the top. Anderson may have the ability to do this. The problem is that you never know when time will catch up with you. You are the king of the world one day, then you get in there and one day is half a second slower than before,” he explained. “And only you will know right away. Anderson is 36 years old. Jon Jones is 24. Jon Jones was in that war with Rampage. He finished the fight with swollen knees, unable to walk. Then six days later he was fine. That’s how you heal when you’re 24. But the fact is that Anderson did not get beat for a long time.”

Speaking of aging veterans, Dana said that he was disappointed that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira didn’t finish Frank Mir when he had the chance at UFC 140 since he seemed to have the fight in the bag.

“He was two punches away from winning that fight,” White said shaking his head. “Instead he passed the guard and tried to apply a guillotine on Frank Mir. Nobody understood that. He will regret that decision for the rest of life. It was his fight. It was finished. I do not know how he sleeps after that.

I am an Anderson Silva fan without a doubt! Far as his style of fighting, it is a great advantage for viewers who have never seen him right. In fact, he looks like a regular dude you see in the club. This guy is gonna beat the $%&^ outta ya instead. Anderson aggressive techniques and his manipulation around the ring sure does make him one of the best ever.

Calling him the best, I would disagree on. You still have Fedor Emelianenko, who was practically a dominate beast in the ring as silva. Despite the fact he was a pride fighter, I am more than sure Dana White wouldn’t say that. Wouldn’t that be like the president of Coca-Cola says Pepsi taste better. What do I know right? I am just a martial arts/fashion blogger #kanyeshrug ..

However, he correct about silva. He has been the most dominant fighter in the sport. The only accomplishment he hasn’t faced is fighting in a different weight class. GSP and Jon “Bones” Jones would absolutely be a great bout against silva. All three well rounded fighters. #strikersallday


Machida vs. Couture

Earlier in the week, I have posted news based on the fight amongst Lyoto Machida vs. Randy Couture. Despite the element of surprise from Machida, this was going to be a great fight based on the caliber of these athletes fighters.The “crane kick” would have caught most people by surprise. Let alone its challenge to close distance from a fighter such Machida (if you are not trying to get swept).  Machida’s unorthodox fighting style makes him a tough opponent to beat. This is a great advantage of those martial artist against western boxing, wrestling, etc. However, its all about practitioner.

Randy Couture retiring after UFC 129

There are very few who can do what MMA fighter, Randy Couture, has done throughout his career. He has fought some of the best; On the other hand, he has lost from some of the best. Randy will be announcing an official retirement after UFC 129. He states he’ll be focusing on other ventures (i.e. acting) .

 Winning or Losing doesn’t matter to Couture. For being in his late 40s, its amazing how he can still pound for pound fight at the elite level. Mind you this fight is going to be BIG which will go down in history on April 30th. Over 55,000 thousand spectators will be capturing the great bout between him and Lyoto Machida! There are some speculation he is trying to hide from Fedor, but honestly I know a warrior when I see one. If Randy Couture wanted to fight Fedor, then he would have done it!

Retiring at the right time was a very smart thing, yet a hard one. How often do you see people still pursuing careers when the torch has already been passed down while they still trying to live their so-called prime. Most people like that are only defined from what they do. If you was the stripe away their titles, what will these people fall back on? nothing!

Along side Bas Rutten, Anderson Silva, and Rashad Evans, Randy Couture has always been one of my favorite MMA fighters. Seeking official retirement and seeing what else the world has to offer for Randy is great way to live ya life! The video below I found showcasing Mr. Couture:


Does MMA need more variety in the kicking department?

One think I have observed from watching fights in MMA fights are the lacking of specific kicks. It is quite difficult to call it a Mixed Martial Art when there are a limited arsenal of kick (i.e. rounhouse, knee). The only reason it baffles me is simply because many fighters have the tendency of being opening for certain kicks. For example, How come there are not many sidekicks being thrown? The sidekick is perhaps the most simplistic kicks a fighter must have. It is like the blazer of kicking; everyone needs one in their stable!

Now mind you do that a sidekick is a simple kick, yet effective! Opposed to a roundhouse being kick at an angle, the sidekick is direct while hitting with the blade of heel of the foot! Done correctly, I can deliver alot of damage! I seriously wanna know why they are notused enough?!! Cung Le uses them quite often with such finesse!

Like all kick its designed to penetrate through the opponent. Sometimes the kick is great for breaking the barrier of an opponent’s defense as a jab could for opportunities for other variety attacks.

In recent news, Steven Seagal has been working with Anderson Silva (lucky dude) on a front kick. Quite frankly, when I first heard this, I did not expect for Anderson to learn a basic kick such as the front kick. These kicks should already be learned in the beginning of our martial arts practice (who am I to judge right)! Well homeboy use that kick and knocked out ol boy, Vitor Belfort‘s chin knocking him out. Talk about being straight and direct 😀 .  The kick looked pretty good.

The point I am trying to make is for us not as Martial Artist, but artist in nature to ultilize the basic components we have to our advantage! If we all were doing the same thing, but one person decides to perform one extra technique,  they would instantly stand out!

Bas Rutten’s One step easy self defense course

When all things fail, its best to keep it simple! Take the situations when you are in a bar fight, taking up for your chick, or even just trying to get away, Bas Rutten provides the best (lol) ways to get out of that situation.  I would love to have him as my MMA coach in the future, but this video is hilarious (don’t try to this at home).

UFC fighter challenge Obama.. yea REALLY??

I am not sure where people are getting the balls to talk ish about the president without the secret service not gonna handle the matter. Take this clown for instance, UFC fighter Jacob Volkmann stated he wanted to fight Obama his next fight. What was the logical behind that statement? You really think they will just let people threaten the president(bad look Dana White)? Where were you guys at the last 8 years when our economy deteriorated? Oh yeah, hail to the guy who threw the shoe at that jackass, but missed!  Anyway, here’s the Volkmann in his recent interview. More details are at the link below video…



Shogun Rua vs. Rashad Evans

well well well, this is going to be an amazing fight! Look though Shogun Rua will be defending for his UFC light heavyweight title against former champion Rashad Evans.

Despite I am contemporary martial artist with a extreme love for the tradition aesthetics as well, I strongly believe this fight is going to get superb ratings!! The bout is not confirmed, but it will be around the 2nd quarter of 2011.

Chuck Liddell retires

It has been reported that MMA fighter and UFC hall of famer, Chuck Liddell has retired from fighting. Without a doubt, he was one of the a list fighters in the mma world.

With a fighting record of 21-8 (only 6 were non UFC bouts) he has proved to be a huge asset for many fighters in and out the ring. His new position will take focus on the executive vice president business development of the UFC.  He has quickly became one of the fighters to beat. One thing about Mr. Liddell is he knows how to put on a show. With a muay thai and kenpo karate as his fighting background, the light heavyweight fighter has stunned many of his opponents with such attitude and charisma after its victory.

is world champion just a title?

I am on this journey not only to be the best at being me, but the best in my artistic ability in martial arts and fashion.  Being the best requires beating the best (self explanatory) in their own game. Now people this achievement does not happen over night. There are going to be blood, swear, tears and even sacrifices. we must want it as much as we need to breathe, period!

During this journey, I have notice in the martial arts there are hundreds of world champions. Personally, can you tell me what a world champion is? can we use the term, world class martial artist instead? If you are a world champion, then that means you have beaten every one in the world to earn that title. Now there are some people who are compete in the forms and weapons who I can call “world champions” such as Matt Emig, Marc Canonizado.

However, my dream is to have people who so-called world champions come together and fight  against each other to see who is really world champion (NASKA, ATA, PKC, UFC, K1, etc). Politically, this will NEVER work out nor happen. There will be too much money on the line for the corporations. What do you think?