Street Fighter X A Bathing Ape 2012 collection

Recently, Capcom has celebrated the 25th anniversary for the most popular fighting game of all time, Street Fighter. In 2010, Nike SB did a collaboration with the video game company with some dope sneakers. Now, Nigo’s “A Bathing Ape” will take its turn by releasing some dope t shirts. Featuring different street fighters pictured in BAPE’s signature cartoon style along with familiar A Bathing Ape icons such as Baby Milo, these tees will let you represent your love for the game in style. Limited to just six styles, the T-shirts will be made available through several outlets including the Tokyo Game Show, BAPEXCLUSIVE Kyoto, Dover Street Market, and COMME des GARCONS Ginza in addition to BAPE’s online store. Best believe I will be getting several pair to go with my street fighter nike dunks!



Black History Month Tribute: Karl Kani

Today is the first day of black history. This month I am planning on paying tribute to black people who has made contributions in martial arts, and fashion which penetrated pop culture. It is very important acknowledge those people because they have lead the way towards where we are today. Karl Kani is the first person I wanted to pay homage too.

Some people in my generation may thought Sean John or Rocawear as the innovators embracing hip-hop and fashion; On the contrary, It started in the late 80s with Karl Kani. He was one of the first people who brought hip-hop and fashion as one to the forefront. Inspired by the essence of both worlds, he designed garments for his fellow friends and families in Brooklyn, NYC.

The amazing thing about Karl Kani was the fact was he wasn’t an actual designer, per sae. He had a creative eye, which is extremely essential to being an artist/designer. He never studied tailoring or design, but he posses the talent of how the clothing should appear. Being exclusive with his ensembles gained recognition towards establishing a clothing line outta the back of his trunk.

The success was not overnight for Kani. Moving to california, he did face struggles selling his clothes. Depending on certain areas, they were not as popular unlike his hometown. Stores was getting robbed and catalogs were only profitable for the designer. After having a friend designing a logo for him truly help ignite his sells. Now, he was a brand. Karl’s stylistic innovations were successful.

In addition to working with a mainstream color selection he made baggy pants as a template for urban fashion. People was not feeling the tight jeans. Because they always bought them a larger size, Karl Kani decided to design them a size larger. This baggy trend has been around until rappers such as Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams decided to break the mold into the more.

Kani is also known as ‘The Originator’. He seized the opportunity to support a market which other designers neglected and paved the way for many urban designers. Today, there are so many urban fashion lines there are too many to name!

Alliyah – Tommy Hilfiger Campaign Ad

Campaign Ad, one word, Retro… Hot…. Sexy…. Classic…. There is not one word to describe her nor this ad! Tommy Hilfiger was definitely the must have brand in the mid 90’s. Every people in the urban market wanted to have anything Tommy.

Regardless of the rumors, Aaliyah among other African Americans were able to be featured in such campaigns when it was limited amount of minorities doing mainstream modeling. On sidenote, with the 90s trend surfacing, I would not be surprised if Tommy Hilfiger would make an extreme comeback in the urban market.

One thing about this woman was the effortless skill she displayed in her singing as well as dancing. She was the epitome of having the face like Mellysa Ford along the soulfulness of Maya Angelou. This was a plus because she didn’t have to promote sex as an Artist. Her legacy will live on! R.I.P.

Suit Yourself

The suit has moved away from the office and headed to the streets. This is what you call variety when it comes to wearing a suit! Asos has made a film demonstrating the barriers broken on the world’s most fashionable uniform.  The first ensemble (outfit) is perhaps one of my favorite just based on how well put together with the snapback (totally popular in the urban fashion), neon colored Nike sneakers, etc. Hope some of y’all would get inspired.. All I can say is pay attention to the tailoring and you would be good.. Buying a suit (no Steve Harvey suits) straight from the store and wearing isn’t gonna cut it either.

Sean John- Camo Shirt

The military trend has been one of the most consistent trends within the past several season! Sean John has decided to make this pretty dope camo shirt. Talking about military aesthetic all the way, this shirt can provide some extreme variety.  As I like to stress when present particular items, its all about your personal style or flavor. I would rock it with some leather pants, trench coat, and some boots (Burberry swag) on or just keep it urban with some chinos, jeans or nice kicks! If you taking the street route, I would rock a plain sneaker with a pop of color! One of my favorite shirts out right now (expect to see me rock it tough!

Sean John