All Eyes of Me

Due to the excessive hip hop artist and hypebeast rocking the vintage Versace on these mean streets, feast your eyes on this! Late rapper, Tupac Shakur, walking down the runway for the late Gianni Versace. Riccardo Tisci wasn’t the first fashion designer to fully embrace hip hop into the high fashion world (besides Tommy Hilfiger).

“Iron WIll”

Milan Fashion Week: Versace A/W 2012

Donatella Versace has decided to take another step regards to the military trend. Within the past couple years, the military trend has been one of the premiere looks in fashion. Instead of the earth tones or the monochromatic palette, she has decided to provide a more flamboyant twist. The show began with suiting. I was not sure about the entire look of the suits. They were appear to more of a costume instead of appealing.

dressed in camouflage, the range transitioned to studded blue denim before moving on to audacious ensembles in red. Vibrant red fur coats were the highlight of the collection.


Versace for H&M Cruise Collection 2012 – lookbook

Models River Viiperi and Abbey Lee Kershaw are featured for the Versace for H&M Cruise 2012 season. Judging from looking at the lookbook, I will take back what I previously from the other post. The looks are taking a different aesthetic from its Rock & Roll predecessor. The collection will be launched on January 19th (my birthday), exclusively on H&M Online.

My main concern is some of us Americans will get the privilege to purchase these items online? Zara has finally pleased us with a e-commerce site. H&M needs to get on aboard an e-commerce for the United States. We need some of us needs these garments dammit!


Versace for H&M – Men’s Cruise Collection

The images of the garments will be apart of the Versace for H&M cruise collection. Needless to say, I am not all the way thrilled as I was with the previous pieces which were launched last month. Honestly, many of the pieces you could probably get before the launch. Besides the button up shirt, I don’t see anything that packs a punch. The accessories are nice though. Maybe it will grow on me.

Cruise Control

I seriously hope H&M is ready for another nationwide rock ’em sock’em and slash fest again because is Versace is giving the drug these fashionistas are fienning for… Just don’t call them.. Anywho, the previous collaboration was a success and they are now presenting a cruise collection, which the looks completely different from the previous (duh!).

This collection looks alot more relaxed rather than most Versace looks we have seen. Nevertheless, this is still a great collection and I am waiting to see how some of these sexy ladies gonna be rocking it. Fashion Advice: No Muffintops, please.. thank you, thank you, you far too kind 🙂

Versace for H&M (women’s lookbook)

Fashion Models Abby Lee Kershaw, Sasha Pivovarova, and DaphneGroeneveld, and Lindsey Wixson posing with the latest garment for the Versace for H&M. The pieces will be launched just in time before thanksgiving holiday. The sexy designs truly embark the essence of the late Gianni Versace, heydays with the signature motifs and logos. The looks possess a little rock edge for any lady who wants to be life of the party. Good thing is some pieces can be worn at the office or wanting to look stylish while running those errands.

Donatella has done a great job maintaining the image of the fashion house. Now ladies get your pennies together because you know its going to sell out! So curious to see the ebay prices after the launch.

Versace for H&M – Garments and Accessories

With the upcoming Versace for H&M collection slowly approaching has gave me some mix feelings. I think the mens collection is going to alright. However, I am really feel like the accessories are gonna pack more of a punch than the garments themselves. Don’t get me wrong there are some nice male pieces. These items are more geared towards to the fashion forward male or metrosexual. In other words, you will have to possess lot of confidence to attempt to rock most of it (i.e. all pink suit). I love the tuxedo jacket with the t shirt..

Versace for H&M 2011

Through the lens of Mert and Marcus are the images for the Versace for H&M collection. The men’s pieces were Poppin, but the women’s is so far giving me the modern Versace look. Flower print and fringed dresses to the sexy leather jackets with the bedazzling iconic logo are total knockouts mos def!!

















Versace for H&M

One thing about H&M is they certainly know how to play their cards right regards to their designer collaborations. It has been reported that H&M will be collaborating with Versace for their upcoming Fall collab. I was totally ecstatic from hearing about Lanvin last year, but Versace?! Every demographic will want to have their hands on this new highly anticipated garments..

The aesthetic will be more towards a rock and roll vibe consisting of 20 pieces for the men and 40 for the women (some bs on that one)! I will try my best not to underestimate the rock and roll theme, but it just doesn’t fit the Versace brand (more towards Balmain, but that’s my opinion). Nevertheless, the accessories are going to be the biggest seller. A Versace scarf is calling a brotha’s name. We all can not wait for the looks comes closer to fruition.

nicki minaj for v magazine

Being draped in Versace and Balmain for V magazine, Nikki Minaj shows us that she’s a mothaf____n monsta!! This chick is not only chic within her own right, but she definitely goes ham! People take notes!