Bon Qui Qui visits Alexander Wang

A few months ago my lady and myself happened to see Comedian Anjelah Johnson at The Palace in Louisville. Known for her comedic performance via youtube and MADtv, she slayed her portrayal as the banji boriqua, Bon Qui Qui for T by Alexander Wang‘s 2013 spring/summer campaign. She moved on up from fast food to high fashion retail clerk as the new employee for Alexander Wang’s store. Indeed, she does what she do best (being ratchet).  With cameos by Alessandra AmbrosioA$AP Rocky, Shannan Click, Simon Doonan and Natasha Lyonne, this can a great way to express campaign in an unconventional kind of way. I was not expecting this from Alexander Wang. Sometimes we tend to take fashion a little too serious. Laughter is the cure for everything. Lets have fun with fashion!

“Iron Will”

3.1 Philip Lim is “Trickin” it

Showcasing the Video campaign of fashion label, 3.1 Philip Lim‘s upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Mr. Lim never cease to amaze with his fashion aesthetic. However, it appears he officially became my favorite fashion designer has he acknowledged “tricking” to the fashion forefront. Those who have not seen my previous post about tricking, but its a hybrid movement which consist of martial arts techniques fused with tumbling and dance moves (Although the tricker was not credited on the video, I could easily tell it was world champion Micah Karns of Team AKA/Sideswipe, due to his signature kicks showcased). It has been around for almost 20 years.

There is a time tricking was the main deal in the sport martial arts community. This lifestyle has transferred from competition to movies, dancing on America’s Best Dance Crew, TV perfomances from Dancing with the stars, Grammys, etc. However, to find tricking enter the high fashion is world is way beyond a breath of fresh air. I only vision this in my head. One of my close friends, Carmichael Simon (others include David Douglas, Mike Chat, Jon Valera) who I consider a brother is one of the forefathers of tricking in the early 90s, had inspire thousands of people who help paved the way it is today!

Philip Lim will always and forever get my praise to acknowledge these martial artists and performers to another aspect of life! I am uncertain he’s a martial artist; lets just say he is an honorary brother of the empty hand!

“Iron Will”