Suck my preppiness

Today was a beautiful day enough for me to rock my yellow Michael Kors jeans (they were originally white). Recently, I have been going through a hip hop/rock-star mood. However, it was great add a change in the mix! The ensemble shown above is to express my aesthetic of the day, All-American prep. I chose to rock this vintage glen plaid/houndstooth jacket under my light blue John Varvatos shirt, Polo neck tie, Murano vest, my recently Michael Kors dyed yellow denim pants to add a pop of color and with my favorite Salvatore Ferragamo loafers!

Its alright to have a distinctive style. After all, style is indeed personal. Because it is personal, I want to make sure I express more than one side of myself. So should you!

“Iron WIll”


Leopard Scarf Bomber Jacket – TopShop

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!! I am pleased to feature a jacket which bring that killer instinct outta ya!  I stumble across an interesting piece that can add some punch into your staple. This Leopard scarf bomber jacket by Topshop would do the trick! Its a pretty dope jacket because it screaming #VintageClassic with a modern twist. They provided classical motif design along with the iconic leopard print causes it to become the best of both worlds. A perfect piece you put away and bring back out (not bad for under a $100).

buy it here