Does MMA need more variety in the kicking department?

One think I have observed from watching fights in MMA fights are the lacking of specific kicks. It is quite difficult to call it a Mixed Martial Art when there are a limited arsenal of kick (i.e. rounhouse, knee). The only reason it baffles me is simply because many fighters have the tendency of being opening for certain kicks. For example, How come there are not many sidekicks being thrown? The sidekick is perhaps the most simplistic kicks a fighter must have. It is like the blazer of kicking; everyone needs one in their stable!

Now mind you do that a sidekick is a simple kick, yet effective! Opposed to a roundhouse being kick at an angle, the sidekick is direct while hitting with the blade of heel of the foot! Done correctly, I can deliver alot of damage! I seriously wanna know why they are notused enough?!! Cung Le uses them quite often with such finesse!

Like all kick its designed to penetrate through the opponent. Sometimes the kick is great for breaking the barrier of an opponent’s defense as a jab could for opportunities for other variety attacks.

In recent news, Steven Seagal has been working with Anderson Silva (lucky dude) on a front kick. Quite frankly, when I first heard this, I did not expect for Anderson to learn a basic kick such as the front kick. These kicks should already be learned in the beginning of our martial arts practice (who am I to judge right)! Well homeboy use that kick and knocked out ol boy, Vitor Belfort‘s chin knocking him out. Talk about being straight and direct 😀 .  The kick looked pretty good.

The point I am trying to make is for us not as Martial Artist, but artist in nature to ultilize the basic components we have to our advantage! If we all were doing the same thing, but one person decides to perform one extra technique,  they would instantly stand out!