Helvetic Tricking

Throughout the year, Martial Arts Tricking has been an underground sensation around the world! Take this video for example. These Beautiful shots  were located in Switzerland (Where they make ricola cough drops). Tricker, Micha Hurni of SwissTricks, decided to express the allure of tricking on a whole level! Not only where the tricks execute in lovely areas, but the gorgeous resolution executed in slow motion gives the impression of being trapped during a moment of time.

House of Fury

This movie was made for quite some time now, but its great to actually see people compete and play in movies with your favorite martial arts stars. Jake Strickland was a national sport karate champion several years back. Its quite interesting both him and Taylor Lautner use the Bo staff.

Here is a scene of the young Jake Strickland displaying his flashy Bo techniques in Jackie Chan’s House of Fury.

Here is Jake

Undisputed fighting scene – Scott Adkins and Lateef Crowder

If anyone wants to see XMA and MMA combined, scott adkins is one of the martial arts actors out there to see! This fighting scene from Undisputed starring Michael Jai White features Atkins fighting Lateef Crowder. Alot of flashy kicks, but we all know that basics anchors it all like a pocket square and tie bar would do to a suit, Hell you know what I mean! Overall, I hope to see these guys gain more recognition because American martial arts star don’t get any love opposed to their Asian counterparts!

Old Skool: David Douglas 1997 Compete Nationals

One of my favorite martial artist, David Douglas. Excellent basics and techniques. I can truly say most people who kicked back in the day focused on their basic kicks, which actually show! Oh did I mention he’s one of the great members from West Coast Action Team (WCAT)

Matt Mullins – Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat Legacy)

5x world weapons and forms champion, Matt Mullins. has been making quite a name for himself in the martial arts film industry. Formerly a protege’ of Mike Chat, Matt Mullins is also a member of the groundbreaking performance group, sideswipe and featured in countless commercials. This video he protrays the flashy and egomaniac, Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat Legacy. Love the angle of showcasing the rise and fall of the character. Action scenes were pretty standard, but its great to see scenes without too much flash! I would love to see a fighting scene with Matt Mullins and Scott Atkins in the future..

Justin Beiber enters the ShaolinGruv aesthetics at the Grammys

This performance was pretty dope!! ShaolinGruv and martial arts tricking is totally getting its recognition outside its underground success from sport karate! This is becoming a trend seeing martial arts and dancing colliding in a mainstream scale! Totally glad to see martial artists I have known and met for years doing it big! Mortal Kombat style ninjas performing martial arts with an 8 count as the crowd is amazed. This is not XMA people! I see you out there Sammy Vasquez (50 cent/Llloyd’s lets get it in video). Here are some other videos which demonstrates the ShaolinGruv aesthetic!

Danny Graham

This is what true extreme kicking looks like (no one man should have all that power). This dude goes completely bonkers whenever he tricks! My tricking is no where near his level, but I notice his strive to be one of the greats for some time. It really does shows! Daniel Graham is another martial artist whose empasizes on martial arts tricking can be seen in various music videos, commericals and ads!

happy birthday Carmichael Simon

Today is my good friend, Carmichael Simon’s birthday. A student of Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee who has a revolutionize the forms and weapons competition to where it is today. My opinion he is THE founder of XMA. The video below was the start of the XMA.

Besides all of that, he has been won numerous championship in the 90’s, featured as kid carmichael in WMAC masters, various video games, and the founder of xiaolin gruv. From knowing this guy for a short period of time, I have learned so much and brought my hustling to another level. HBD dude!