When two becomes one …

1aVery sleek and minimal designs captivated by the latest collection for Rad Hourani. The label is synonymous for its unisex garments, which express the perspective like designers such as Yohji Yamamoto. Sometimes fashion should provide equality. Equality should not become a glass ceiling towards ones approach to life or sense of style.  In fact, we all are inspired from the opposite sex. One way or another, we share ideas and emotions in which creates a dichotomy energy circulating our existence. Personally, there are some items I would love to work; On the other hand, there are some which I would not even bother. However, it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look great on anyone else lol.

Iron WIll



SPL: Donnie yen and Jing Wu

One of the greatest fighting scenes ever! Donnie Yen (protagonist in the black) and  Jing Wu (in the white) clashed in a unforgettable brutal battle in SPL (I’ll explain the movie some other time). The choreography was very precise along with nice manipulations with the weapons. who would have known a baton and a knife can do so much magic as your standard weapons (nunchaku, bo staff, and sword). Artistically the clash of the yin-yang was in total effect; ironically, the color palette was in reverse. On a fashion perspective, they both had their garments (clothing) exhibit their style and persona.