YSL’S Transition

There has been a huge confirmation which has occurred in the fashion industry. The result has delivered some raised eye brows to us fashion enthusiasts. Hedi Slimane, creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, has declared to change the label’s name to “Saint Laurent Paris“. The rage in my veins began as my blood boiled with such unfathomable anger to such drastic change. I can not explain this feeling; It’s almost like having Bush back into office.

Some people may think it’s just a simple name change, but you are absolutely wrong! You don’t change the name of something or someone who helped change the game for many people! Fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, was a true revolutionary artist. Behind those iconic “YSL” t-shirts and trendsetting collections lies incomparable moments in time. For example, He was the first designer who decided to have blacks walk in his runway shows. He threatened to pull his advertisements from French Vogue magazine if Naomi Campbell was not able to become the first black supermodel on its cover. Those were risks the french designer took to benefit others to get a change. This is a change which is needed.

Although my examples appear to be semi-bias because I happen to be a Black man, but that is not the case. Opening the door for individuals to be recognized is what the “Yves Saint Laurent” brand means. I am all about giving people a chance to shine when the world opposes it. Black, White, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, etc. I doesn’t matter because we all have something to offer in the world. I truly admire/respect Hedi Slimane’s position and accomplishments in the fashion. Changing the name is like someone remaking the Thriller album, its just something you do NOT change! I call Yves Saint Laurent the Abe Lincoln of Fashion.

“Iron Will”

Jourdan Dunn and friends – W Magazine January Issue

Jourdan Dunn, Lily Donaldson, Cara Delevingne, and Nyasha Matonhodze are featured inthe upcoming January issue of W magazine. Talk about an elite group of models in one shoots rocking some of the labels in the game such as Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Yves St. Laurent, and Louis Vuitton.

One thing I do appreciate about W magazine is their editorial shoots. Naturally, its every fashion magazine’s job to project the finest aesthetics. Its great to see it being delivered from another perspective every now and again.


Hedi Slimane for YSL and Stefano Pilati for Armani

As of right now, there is a rumor (a source) Hedi Slimane will be working for the Parisian fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent. Being a fan of both, this is clearly beyond a win-win situation!

Slimane is widely know for his innovation regards to fashion (working  7 years with Dior and 3 years prior with YSL) and a dope ass photographer. This man is the jack of all trades. What he may bring to the table to this fashion house will display a case of unfathomable gratitude for all fashionistas; therefore, I will be impatiently waiting on the campaign ads once they launch!

So what is going to happen to Stefano Pilati? There is some speculation he will be going to be at Giorgio Armani. Now mind you this is a RUMOR so I am not totally sure. However this will be great if this comes into fruition. Come to think of it, I can be more than assure Lanvin will seek to extend Alber Elbaz‘s contract.

Also a fellow former employee for Yves Saint Laurent, His asset to Lanvin is equivalent to Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton or Tom Ford was at Gucci. Once again this is only a rumor at the moment!

Homage Haute Couture Friday: Yves St. Laurent

Out of respect, I was best to spell his name out.  In case some people do not know, Yves St. Laurent has opened so any doors in the world of fashion! He was the first fashion designer to have minorities walk down the runways, not to mention the first ready to wear collection as well. Totally commend you for given different breed of people out there a chance which some would have thought as impossible. The man not only created art, but also effortless style.