fashion’s substitution vs. imitation

0722422250_1_1_2There is a fine line between substitution from imitation. Often times it tends to become overkill. Fashion is not only for the rich and glamorous! Despite the fact most trends are created from high fashion label, high street fashion brands (not labels, difference) would imitate the look for less. Take these shirts from the spanish brand, Zara, for example. They practically got the some of the most popular fashion t-shirts with a fraction of the retail price. It is completely obvious which shirt is being inspired from what designer. However, these popular garments are sold out within minutes! Every one can’t purchase those items. Therefore, a substitute rises from the surface. I must admit some of these “inspired” pieces will just as good as their predecessors.


Zara- Combined Sleeve Blazer

I had to take a double look at this blazer. Whenever you first look at it, it would appear as if it’s a shawl collared varsity jacket. This would be dope far as a 50’s inspired rockabilly look. If you want to create slight contrast towards an urban look, toss in some camouflage pants and call it a day.

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Dick Tracy Swag!!

Color Blocking has still an on-trend this season. One way to get notice in such style is with this Trench Coat by Zara. This stable would give you the pop you will need whenever you step into the room. Because Yellow provides any extreme pop, you either wanna make sure this is the main player in your ensemble with neutrals. Proportion is definitely key if you decide to use the cool colors (i.e. blues and greens) or warm colors (i.e. reds, orange)…


Zara: lookbook (november)

Zara‘s November lookbook screams my sense when it comes to office clothing. It meets the fine thin line between business and casual. Any man can pull these looks off very easily.

Zara Lookbook (Men’s collection)

Here are some of the images of the latest lookbook for one of the most popular high street fashion brands, Zara. As usual, very clean silhouette and a pop of color. As 9/7/11 approaches, The US will finally have a e-commerce for the brand. This has been an extreme demand for many of us fashion lovers out there (not to mention, the demand will create a nice revenue for the company)!

Based on the popular regards to the consumers, I am very curious about the shipping. Will the shipping take much longer than normal because of the anticipation. Only those who will be ordering in a couple hours shall find out!!

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Zara Lookbook – march 2011 (womens)

One thing I love about Zara is the versatility! This lookbook contains wide leg trousers, linen garements, and boyfriend blazers. Very basic ensembles with pops of colors whether its from a clutch or trousers tends to pull off a very stylish high fashion appeal. With the economy still at its current state,  they are a great option for not hurting ones pockets. Nevertheless, the women’s lookbook clearly has its own style. Very easy to fuse different looks into one.


Zara (Men’s Lookbook march 2011)

This is the recent lookbook for Zara‘s mens collection. The collection reflects towards the mixture of relaxed fitting and modern minimalism. From the bold blends of blue to the pop of red, Zara is clearly showing ways for consumers to provide variety within their garments. Although there are some neutral hues in the pieces, the palette in the collection doesn’t give me the transitions of spring emerging in a matter of weeks. Some of the pieces are nice; however, I would love to see more of a trendsetting approach towards to clothing line.

Zara’s November lookbook (women’s)

The lookbook for the recent garments from Zara. Its very party girl chic accentuating a light edge with the leather jackets and exotic animal prints. I think the brand is nice because almost any woman can wear it.