H&M spring 2011 lookbook

This is the latest lookbook from H&M’s spring 2011 collection. Personally I love all of the looks presented in the campaign. The overall focus appears to be “The Weekend” look. Now I must say  the garments shown are not necessarily fashion forward items as some would perhaps expect. However, there are some essential pieces every man should consider purchasing which enables you to get more out of your clothing. One of the great things about H&M is the fact they are extremely affordable for the masses to be fashion saavy. Since the spring is basically here, its like to bring out the white jeans and the pastelle (i meant pastel) colors.Even though there are not any pastel colors present, it still give you the essence of spring. One of my favorite looks is the fusion of the nautical look ensemble with a stripe top, white jeans, and layered over with a military jacket to juxtapose the outfit. If J.Crew is a little too prep for you, perhaps this lookbook would give some inspiration for your spring wardrobe.

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Cassie for CK one Spring 2011 Campaign

Cassie is doing what she does best, singing Modeling. This is the latest campaign ad for CK one along with Comer jackson (model on the right). Although the models are featured in swimwear, I would love the contrast provided in this ad. The italics along with Cassie’s super sexy signature hairstyle provides some extra edge. Edge is something that is missing from the Calvin Klein brand. They are known for their semi-minimal aesthetic, but its always good to get some attitude every now and again! Cassie Kills it!


Kate Moss for Vogue Japan

When it comes to models, Kate Moss is perhaps one of the top models in the game. This British Supermodel grace Japan’s presence in the May Issue of Vogue Nippon Vogue Japan.  Everything this chick does is everything! Featuring in a glamorous fringed dress, it was perfect to select her on the cover of Vogue Japan’s new name. Quite frankly I never seen a moment which she failed to deliver in fashion ad campaign/editorial; Talk about go hard or home. 


Fighting scene of the week: Game of Death

This fighting scene is beyond a classic! Bruce Lee and Dan Insanto going at it in Game of Death. This fighting scene was not all about flare, but the intellectual aspect of martial arts. Like sports, martial arts is more brain than brawn.

Although striking your opponent is the objective, manipulating an opponent’s rhythm and pattern requires great skill. Eskrimas and Bruce’s fencing inspired moves were great!

Jab counter with George St. Pierre

Canadian UFC Fighter, Georges St Pierre is demonstrating the effective way to counter a jab. One of the key element in all counters is timing. Without the proper timing, the result will be either from telegraphing causing your opponent to reset attacks or simply just get knocked the $%#@ out! The best way to practice this counter is to possess a sense of body feel. The body feel will actually give you the alignment your body should move in a harmonious manner.  Once this is done, elevate it by adding speed into the counter. Another great thing about this counter is the motion provided as if you was on the streets defending yourself. The momentum from the counter will make it more powerful due to the uncontrol force of the opponent. Perfect drill for semi and full contact fighters. osu!

Zhao Lei for GQ Taiwan

The retro thing has been constistent since the new millenium. The trends have been great, but come on seriously. GQ Taiwan , featuring Asian model, Zhao Lei, happened to theme this spread based on the male classical fashion items with a neo twist.

High fashion slim suits in khaki and blue along with casual wear with the pop of color. Notice the slight blue on the derby shoe’s sole. Classics with a twist!

Cheech Luzzi

Old school martial artist, Cheech Luzzi, representing Team Paul Mitchell. The weapon he performing with is the Eku. The eku is basically an oar which is primarily used for strictly rowing boats. However, the okinawans effectively used it on the beaches against the samurais/intruders. The paddle’s length gave leverage to deliver sand or dirt into the opponent’s eyes.

 Due to its long range, the eku is  great weapon to evade. This is the OLD days, we are talking about . Needless to say, the closest thing to an Eku (oar) today is rowing crew or you getting your @$$ whooped (I’ m saying though).

Chanel Iman- The new face of DKNY “Be Delilcious”

Fragrance campaigns are perhaps popular or  even more popular than fashion campaigns. There is one thing for certain, everyone is not fashionable. On the contrary,  every wants/need to smell. DKNY has chosen, Chanel Iman as the new face of
“Be Delicious”. What better woman could there have been to perfectly describe in an ad.

Sammy Vasquez

Sammy V is in the building displaying extreme martial arts tricking and highly difficult nunchaku combinations. I have been knowing my homie Sammy Vasquez for a long time.  This guy always raised the bar up with his skill by keeping the audience in the palm of his hand. This Orlando native has won numerous world champions in several continents and featured in commercials and music videos. stupid coo dude