Layer me Y-3

The weather has started to show us how we should layer up this fall/winter. A great item to layer up is this Y-3 jersey hoodie. It’s a long sleeve hoodie in heather gray and black. Patterned trim at hood and pockets in white, black and tan. Kangaroo pockets on the sides. This is a stupid dope hood which can be worn alone with some nice black shades or with a colorful vest and trousers for a litter color block motion.


Giambasttista Valli’s for Macy Collection

If these high fashion designers are not going ham this season, then I don’t know what to say! Their selection for launch dates are so great for the holiday season. Having, Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, Missoni, and now Giambasttia Vali is add their personal twist for designing for the higher market with Macys.

Ladies, I am very sure to believe us men will be able to admire the vibrant hues and clean line from this collection! With the passion red and fruitful fuchsia is gonna easily grab out attention (i.e. please make sure you accessorize it a touch; minimal please).  Intriguing floral prints with some leopard (you can not go wrong). Every piece is going to range from $50 – $150. All I know is my sister and mother should be happy for the holidays (October 26 to be exact)!


Fedor vs. Silva

Of course this fight was a while back, but you have to appreciate the strategic fighting from Antonio Silva and Fedor Emelianenko. One perception people fail to realize is that heavyweights has enough footwork as their counterparts. One thing I love abont Fedor Emelianenko is his versatility. This fighting powerhouse (proficient in combat sambo and judo prior to Mixed Martial Arts) happens to use what is effective to him. Strong punches and a great defense (stand up and off the ground). Its ashame I never paid close attention to him after he retired. He’s definitely one of my overall favorites.

Jason Wu’s collection with Target

Following by the incredible success Target had with their Missoni Collaboration, its now time they are willing to add Jason Wu to their roster.  Jason Wu told WWD (womens wear daily) he is very excited about making garments to a wider audience for affordable prices.

The clothing is going to be what every woman would love to wear, chic and wearable. The quality of fabric shall not compromise the quality, which is a plus!  His collection will have a variety of looks which includes evening and day wear (my guess the first lady would be like the total inspiration of this collection).

This is going to be a great way for the mass market to grow with him as a designer like they did with Oscar De la Renta, Marc Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren to name a few. He was taken quite notice from the dress Michelle Obama rocked for the inauguration ball. There’s has not been an official release date for the collection, yet.

Versace for H&M (women’s lookbook)

Fashion Models Abby Lee Kershaw, Sasha Pivovarova, and DaphneGroeneveld, and Lindsey Wixson posing with the latest garment for the Versace for H&M. The pieces will be launched just in time before thanksgiving holiday. The sexy designs truly embark the essence of the late Gianni Versace, heydays with the signature motifs and logos. The looks possess a little rock edge for any lady who wants to be life of the party. Good thing is some pieces can be worn at the office or wanting to look stylish while running those errands.

Donatella has done a great job maintaining the image of the fashion house. Now ladies get your pennies together because you know its going to sell out! So curious to see the ebay prices after the launch.

Beyonce for Harper’s Bazaar – November Issue

















Here lies Beyonce fiercely gracing the cover of the November issue Harper’s Bazaar. Throughout the lens of Terry Richardson, you can not forgot the quality of clarity of his simple, yet iconic shots. I must admit I am not the biggest Beyonce fan in the world, but NO ONE can not deny her swag and work ethic as one of the leading artists of our generation. I am seriously feeling the energy in these photos #slayedIT!! The garment she is rocking in the image is the metallic fringed jacket from Salvatore Ferragamo.


















Bruce Lee Action Museum – Say What?!?!?!

For those who may not this, but Seattle is the home of Bruce Lee. Sure he resided in California, Hong Kong, etc. After close to 40 years after his death, Seattle natives are trying to make a positive tribute for the martial arts legend, Bruce Lee. Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee, and councilman officials are seeking to start a campaign to raise $10 million dollars.

Harrell is also working with the city`s Office of Economic Development and its office of Arts & Cultural Affairs to try and make the project a reality.

The Bruce Lee Action Museum would include a place where people could do martial arts, as well as a theater, gift store and research library.

According to information on the Bruce Lee Foundation website, in the early 1960s, Bruce moved to Seattle where a family friend, Ruby Chow, had a restaurant and had promised Bruce a job and living quarters above the restaurant. He enrolled at Edison Technical School and later the University of Washington where he majored in philosophy and met his future wife.

It has long been the dream of the Bruce Lee Foundation to build a Bruce Lee Museum. We see this home, this museum, not as a martial arts history museum or a Bruce Lee memorabilia museum but as a place that encompasses and expresses the totality of Bruce Lee’s legacy – Action! – dynamic movement, active personal expression, self actualization, the breaking of barriers! Bruce Lee was a dynamic action star and screen presence, an innovative thinker, a person who broke boundaries of race, culture, and tradition, an innovative family man, and now, a global icon. He accomplished these things by being passionate, directed and enthusiastic. He was actively dynamic in his expression of his very self and it translated across cultures and time and is the feeling that awakens within all of us when we see him move and when we listen to him speak.

My father said, “Success comes to those who become success-conscious. If you don’t aim at an object, how the heck on earth do you think you can get it?” And so, in 2008, the BLF unveiled its initial plans for the museum. (See News and Photo Galleries) Action takes on a whole new meaning inside its doors. The idea behind BLAM is to look at the notion of “taking action” as the catalyst for change and growth using Bruce Lee and his legacy as the vehicle for this. The museum will contain exhibits ranging from movie memorabilia to training equipment to writings and photographs to personal memorabilia. The museum will house a permanent exhibition space, a gallery for visiting exhibitions, a store, a theater, a meditation space, an outdoor training area, a research library, and a cafe. The intention behind the exhibits is to express the theme that our actions manifest our dreams with hard work and perseverance.

There is so much to be gained from a true understanding of Bruce Lee, the complete man. He is an inspiration and a motivational icon for so many people the world over. His battles against prejudice, his philosophy of self expression, his martial art contributions, his desire to teach and share, his undaunted drive, his excellent physical conditioning, his undeniable charm and charisma, all have left an indelible mark on history that has stood the test of time. It is a true testament to what one person with focus, perseverance, and passion can accomplish. It begs for us to get the lesson and pass it on. Bruce Lee’s example speaks of what a life governed by simplicity, directness, flow, and living in the moment can manifest.

We hope you will help us in realizing the dream of keeping Bruce Lee’s legacy alive and flourishing so that it may continue to positively influence and inspire the world through our organization, the Bruce Lee Foundation and the realization of the Bruce Lee Action Museum


Its clearly obvious Bruce Lee has been huge reason many of us became martial arts with his stupid crazy energy, skill, and charisma! The museum will be like the american mecca of the martial arts! Truly hope this will come to frution.

Mini Harajuku Collection for Target

In November, Gwen Stefani has decided to collab with Target with a mini Harajuku collection targeting kids. Its pretty cool to see collaborations making it accessible for the masses. The garments really emphasizes Gwen’s style, a little bit of everything (i.e. Prep, punk, edgy, etc.) . Its nice, but I am not thrilled. Some of this stuff you could get your child at The Children’s Place.

Only thing that stands out for the kids is a mean motorcycle leather jacket. I am only critical because its Gwen and see always bring it! Therefore, I expect to see some dope stuff I can have my son rock this season. However, one thing I have learned is to not underestimate anything or anyone lol.


Training Tools: The Intermix training system

For those have been previously following my goal, you may have notice my good friend/colleague, Carmichael Simon with some one of the training devices he helping towards the fighting market. This video here demonstrates the application of the reach arm on the BOB (seen on the video).

This is what you call training, “solo dolo”. These applications will guarantee develop faster reflexes without the use of a sparring partner. Imagine the miserable days unable to find a sparring partner for that timing you need to stay sharp. Naturally you have been training on the speed and power of your techniques opposed to an object projecting towards you (with NO telegraphing)  Well this is going to be your answer! Quite frankly, I find this very commending for a fellow martial artist (forms comepetitiors rather; no pun intended) to brand something beneficial for fighters. Talk about innovation.

Soon this training equipment will be on the market for personal training use. In case some people have not seen the other videos for the device, you may see them below.

Details on purchasing are coming soon.

Reach Intermix

Jeremy Scott 2NE1 Collage wings

You simply never know what you are getting when it comes to Jeremy Scott. Man I tell ya this guy is starting to release shoes out as much as Jordan. I seriously can not keep up. The other day I literally purchased the streetball hi top sneakers. With a pop of color with a mix of faux cow fur, you have a work of art. Be on the lookout for these bad boys in November.  Talk about an early Christmas present!

Versace for H&M – Garments and Accessories

With the upcoming Versace for H&M collection slowly approaching has gave me some mix feelings. I think the mens collection is going to alright. However, I am really feel like the accessories are gonna pack more of a punch than the garments themselves. Don’t get me wrong there are some nice male pieces. These items are more geared towards to the fashion forward male or metrosexual. In other words, you will have to possess lot of confidence to attempt to rock most of it (i.e. all pink suit). I love the tuxedo jacket with the t shirt..