Marc Jacob’s Exodus from Louis Vuitton

FILE - Marc Jacobs to Leave Louis VuittonAfter 16 years creative directing with the prestigious fashion house, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs took his final bow at Paris Fashion Week. The American designer will be focusing on his namesake label. There has been speculating based on a potential departure, but it has became a reality. Throughout his tenure with the label, Jacobs created their first garment collection along with transforming Louis Vuitton from a dusty leather goods brand to one of the most virtuous labels in the world. His directional designs and collaborations with artists like Takashi Murakami, Pharrell WIlliams, Kanye West, Steven Sprouse, and Yayoi Kusama helped with their popularity to new heights!

I am not sure if it has anything to do with the market shift and 6% decline in sales or what. Bittersweet emotions would rise to those who had admire the collections throughout the years. This is like the same feeling we all had with Nicholas Ghesquiere left Balenciaga. It not easy seeing a major component from a label to depart. However, I strongly believe this is also a liberating moment for him. At the current moment, there is not confirmation on whose will replace the throne to the Parisian fashion house. One thing for certain is no one can deny the legacy he has built with the company.

Muhammad Ali – Louis Vuitton Campaign

Box­ing leg­end  Muham­mad Ali featured in Louis Vuitton’s new Core Val­ues cam­paign. Through the lens of Annie Lei­bovitz, she captured a moment where Ali poses with one of his grandson is a remarkable shot. This shot could inspire the little guy into becoming the next Ali! First off, I believe this is one of the dopest things I have witness. The greatest boxers of all time, who happens to be a Louisville native featured in one of the most popular high fashion campaigns is a huge deal! Ali is the epitome of confidence and hard work. What makes him the greatest is because he told everyone he was. Everything he said he was going to do, he did! This truly inspires me to do the same thing as a martial artist with a dior homme or calvin klein ad (I can dream right lol).

Louis Vuitton – Fall Campaign 2012

This nostalgic shot done by Steven Meisel, is for the latest fall campaign for Louis Vuitton. Judging from the looks of the campaign, there are a lot of earth tones in the collection. It does indeed provide a perfect touch for the fall. Exotic animal print handbags are the show stopper with out a doubt. Amazing how much subtle the color palette is balance as you see the chaos is roaring through these gorgeous bags. Honestly, I was not expecting to see this Parisian fashion house to take a walk on the wild side. Its a great look (without making it look like something from Roberto Cavalli or something).

Paris Fashion Week: Louis Vuittion – A/W 2012 collection

Nothing amazes me about life more than inspiration. Louis Vuitton‘s A/W collection simply made an example. Taking the inspiration from fashion illustrator, Antonio Lopez, the collection has a strong emphasis looks from the seventies and eighties. I love the suits in the collection. Louis Vuitton always play it safe, yet still strive to keep their suits modern.

Found outside tailored bliss that brushes upon double-breasted coats in camel, the baseball jackets are gonna still be in for the fall. I love how they manipulate the contrast of the fabrics with exotic skins and furs. During those times, furs were very glamorous from the pimps to the Hollywood elite. I am completely safe to say, although the inspiration derived from the seventies and eighties, these are investment pieces which would always stay chic!


Louis Vuitton Campaign Ad- Spring 2012

models Kati Nescher and Daria Strokous and through the lens of Stephen Meisel, the ads are bright and airy, loaded up on pastels. Somehow, Marc Jacobs managed to spin an ice cream parlor into a dream world that looks like a room before you get to fashion heaven.

Jourdan Dunn and friends – W Magazine January Issue

Jourdan Dunn, Lily Donaldson, Cara Delevingne, and Nyasha Matonhodze are featured inthe upcoming January issue of W magazine. Talk about an elite group of models in one shoots rocking some of the labels in the game such as Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Yves St. Laurent, and Louis Vuitton.

One thing I do appreciate about W magazine is their editorial shoots. Naturally, its every fashion magazine’s job to project the finest aesthetics. Its great to see it being delivered from another perspective every now and again.


Fall 2011 Louis Vuitton Skirt#more-15611#more-15611#more-15611#more-15611



I have never seen Sequins like this ever!! The detail is beyond impeccable and precise as you imagine the skirt creates a cascade effect strutting down the catwalk street. Louis Vuittion has done it again! I highly doubt there will be a sample sale for these ladies!

Fall 2011 Louis Vuitton Skirt#more-15611#more-15611#more-15611#more-15611.

Louis Vuitton fall 2011

No Marc Jacobs, whud?? Well it appears Louis Vuitton is under a new direction with a new creative director, Paul Helbers. However, we all know that it is Louis Vuitton so there is no wrong with that! Minimal appears to be main trend from the runways this year. Muted hues with a pop of color with that cardinal red with a sleek looking silhouette giving you another interpretation of sophisitcation Louis Vuitton style. From the black velvet suits to windowpane tops, I am sure Paul Helbers is gonna do well. Lets just hope it maintains the Louis Vuitton it has been since forever!

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Louis Vuitton 2011 City Guides Collection

Louis Vuitton is honoring artist Ruben Toledo’s with the release of a collector’s set of 100 postcards in virbrant colors. The illustrations were made for the Louis Vuitton City Guides since 1998. The images that capture in paint the guides’ distinct vision of travel and passion for detail.

A few cities  including Berlin, Kyoto and Nara alongside London, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, New York and Tokyo will be in the line up.

Louis Vuitton 2011 City Guides Collection.