Rihanna and Kate Moss – Vogue UK


Everyone’s favorite supermodel, Kate Moss and Superstar vixen R&B singer, Rihanna sparking up the fire for  Vogue UK’s November 2012. Photographed by Mario Testino, the risque shoot has truly engaged their inner sexiness with some mean F*&^ faces. It’s not a question whether these two are killing this sultry shoot. I love the contrast of the chic black ensembles and the bubblegum backdrop frames, which adds a sugar and spice effect. Talk about watch the throne for these two. I am not sure if it get any better than this!

Kate vs. Kate

  W Magazine’s March edition features supermodel Kate Moss embracing her good and bad side. Photographer Steven Klein and fashion director Edward Enninful team up for a darker look at the spring collections featuring pieces from labels such as Balenciaga, Jil Sander, The Row and Louis Vuitton. I would admit it was kinda hard to decide whether I love the shoot or not (based on spiritual reasons). However, I do appreciate the imagery involved. Being in America, people find the smallest things as offensive. Sure Kate Moss is wearing a habit in a dark cathedral. Aren’t most cathedrals has a Gothic presence behind them? At least she is not trying to seduce the cross in her hand until like some people. I have the strangest feeling some would consider this as “controversial”, which shouldn’t be the case.


Dazed and Confused

Pop stars Pharrell Williams and among a few others will be featured on the upcoming cover of Dazed and Confused Magazine. I am always a sucka for black and white shots. On the contrary, I am not really digging these covers. I am sure the spread will be more promising as to the cover. We shall see.

Kate Moss – Paris Vogue

Kate Moss on the May 2011 cover of Vogue Paris

Of course Fashion model Kate Moss is sexy, but damn she has been on popular demand. After all, she is the 3rd highest paid model! Paris Vogue decided to knight her on to their May issue. The seductive red backdrop truly enhances the red lipstick for a lil’ more sex appeal. Normally I hate red lipstick on women, but Kate does it pretty well..

Kate Moss for Vogue Japan

When it comes to models, Kate Moss is perhaps one of the top models in the game. This British Supermodel grace Japan’s presence in the May Issue of Vogue Nippon Vogue Japan.  Everything this chick does is everything! Featuring in a glamorous fringed dress, it was perfect to select her on the cover of Vogue Japan’s new name. Quite frankly I never seen a moment which she failed to deliver in fashion ad campaign/editorial; Talk about go hard or home. 


Iman, Iman, Iman

For the martial artist out there, I didn’t make a typo. Today I am referencing about Iman, not Ip Man (coming soon…).

Last night I was getting some food on the go before heading to the crib. There was this chick I know who apparently said I was gorgeous (no lie).  She turns out to be a friend of mine, Aaliyah. This Somalian beauty really gives me Iman. Unfortunately, I’ll gotta prove pics later unfortunately; however, coming from the similar looks of Iman, can I get a hell yea lol??! Iman is so cookin’! Beauty exudes every fiber of her body. She, Adriana Lima, Chanel Iman,Joan Smalls, Janeil Williams, and Kate Moss will never do me wrong. Definitely like wine when it ages, I live!!!