Zac Posen – Resort Collection

Zac Posen’s resort collection tends to have different tone from the designers. The looks are hella sexy, but appears as strong classical. The texture of textiles along with the color palette provides a dramatic essence to the collection which contrasts to the white backdrop.

Bay side Tricking with Jeremy Marinas and friends

Martial arts trickers, Jeremy Marinas, Kyle Cordova and friends doing what they do best, a show! If some have not notice, tricking is not exactly a martial art. However, tricking contains martial art elements (i.e. kicking) to demonstrate another unfathomable display of expression. Through the lens of Dustin Shepard, he tends to capture you are present of all the action being held. Trick or Die!

Catch That Chick in that Phoebe Philo

Celine never disappoints and I’m not talking about the Canadian either… Phoebe Philo truly deserved the award she has obtained which was presented to her by Kanye West. This resort collection is nothing different.

Paris Fashion Week – Daniele Allesandrini S/S 2012 Collection

Not so sure where should I start about this Collection. This perhaps one of my favorite collection throughout the collections that have been featured for Paris Fashion Week. I strongly believe Daniele Allesandrini‘s collection is one of the most practical yet fashionable. The palette was limited to bright hues of Yellow blazers, floral print suits, and electric use of blues gave a no brainer this garments were meant strictly for the summer. I love it!

Marcel Jones and Kalman Csoka

The battle of atlanta has always present some great talents, which is no denying the work these two martial artist has done for the forms and weapons divisions on the martial arts circuit. My home boy, Marcel Jones (Team ProRank) and Kalman Csoka (Team Paul Mitchell/Elite) demonstrated a hard freestyle Team synchronized form, which emphasize traditional striking with innovative hand motions and strong stances.

Although the tricks were very limit did not mean the form was not entertaining! Every trick landed in the form was followed by strong stances which has not quite absent in most forms today. Great performance overall!

Versace for H&M

One thing about H&M is they certainly know how to play their cards right regards to their designer collaborations. It has been reported that H&M will be collaborating with Versace for their upcoming Fall collab. I was totally ecstatic from hearing about Lanvin last year, but Versace?! Every demographic will want to have their hands on this new highly anticipated garments..

The aesthetic will be more towards a rock and roll vibe consisting of 20 pieces for the men and 40 for the women (some bs on that one)! I will try my best not to underestimate the rock and roll theme, but it just doesn’t fit the Versace brand (more towards Balmain, but that’s my opinion). Nevertheless, the accessories are going to be the biggest seller. A Versace scarf is calling a brotha’s name. We all can not wait for the looks comes closer to fruition.

D&G spring 2012 collection

The images displayed before you are the 2012 Spring/Summer collection for D&G. Being an avid fan/supporter of D&G, I was really getting some mixed feelings regards to this collection. Collectively the designs was great, fabric superb, but the originality was extremely questionable. Based on the print from the garments, it really gave me a hint of Etro and Gianni Versace back in the 90’s. The looks given in this collection is driving away from their niche, the glamorous life. Sure these designs are great, but not for this label.  Some people would probably disagree with me, but this is not the D&G I know.

Band of Outsiders

Whoever said that American fashion can’t be done like the Europeans were completely tripping off the sizzrup! The images you are looking at is considered to be the future American Fashion menswear (by GQ) is Band of Outsiders. Vibrant Nylon Jackets, chambray shirts, and pops of colors featured in this collection.

Matt Emig- 2011 sampler

Perhaps one of my all time favorite weapons/forms competitors to existence of sport martial arts, Matt Emig, has released a sampler via Youtube. Through the editiing and lens of Dustin Shepard aka Eldente, simply accentuated the tricking executed by Matt Emig. One thing I truly love about Matt is the fact he kicks so much more than the tricksters out today. Not sure if he is from a different era where they “KICK” opposed to just doing tumbling, etc; strongly choose aero kicking than gymnastics any day. Matt is not only competes in tournaments, but also is doing stunt work in hollywood. Look out for ya boy because he is that fucking dope!

Suit Yourself

The suit has moved away from the office and headed to the streets. This is what you call variety when it comes to wearing a suit! Asos has made a film demonstrating the barriers broken on the world’s most fashionable uniform.  The first ensemble (outfit) is perhaps one of my favorite just based on how well put together with the snapback (totally popular in the urban fashion), neon colored Nike sneakers, etc. Hope some of y’all would get inspired.. All I can say is pay attention to the tailoring and you would be good.. Buying a suit (no Steve Harvey suits) straight from the store and wearing isn’t gonna cut it either.