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134379-800w134380-800wThe ever-secretive Tom Ford (who, as it happens, is approaching Fall ’13 much less secretively with a full-on fashion show during London Fashion Week in February) has given a first look at his Spring ’13 campaign. As in seasons past, Ford lensed the ads himself. With an air of retro futurism, the shots are sleek, sexy, and sophisticated—not unlike the mirror dress and gold bondage shoes (yes, the same pair Anne Hathaway wore in vegan-friendly black to her Les Mis premiere) Karlina Caune dons in the ad. The men’s images feature Simon Van Meervenne sprawled out in a silver suit. Ford’s spring campaign will launch this week on his website, and hit magazines in March.

Credits for this picture:

Tom Ford (Designer)

Tom Ford (Photographer)

Orlando Pita (Hair Stylist)

Charlotte Tilbury (Makeup Artist)

Other people in this campaign:
Karlina Caune – Model

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Wide Awake – Katy Perry – Vogue Italia



Normally we see “Wide Awake” artist, Katy Perry, with the bright and kooky colors. It appears the pop singer has taken another direction for the upcoming issue July issue of Vogue Italia. Through the lens of Francesco Carrozzini, truly captured one of Katy’s shoots to date.




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very few designers will ever reach the status of the house of chanel. over time, the house have proved to be groundbreaking for their slashing of the pre-established, coco chanel being cited as the first to use black as a fashion color through the birth of the little black dress. now, in the modern day industry, for nearly 30 years, karl lagerfeld has successfully taken the reigns at the iconic house, keeping it in the news & on trend with the latest celebrity faces, in an effort to dominate the luxury market- which it has. the house has become known for using the biggest & brightest faces of fashion & film for various advertising. their most iconic face in history? marilyn monroe. who was the first major face for the brand, used for it’s no. 5 fragrance. along with actresses keira knightly & nicole kidman; it’s always exciting to see…

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audrey hepburn

audrey hepburn

Crew neck top
£30 –

Mango long sleeve shirt
£17 –

Alice In The Eve mini skirt
$70 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs platform heels
$553 –

Yellow gold bangle

Kenneth Jay Lane white pearl necklace
€163 –

Jason Wu – Pre-fall collection

Presenting the images for Jason Wu’s pre fall collection 2012. I would have to be honest, I have been aware of Jason Wu, but never really take the time to pay attention to his work (until Michelle Obama paid homage for the dress he designed for her). This collection is extraordinary! nice silhouettes, beautiful jackets, and a nice balance of fur surely does the trick! He really is showing he’s going to be one of the premiere American designers like Oscar De La Renta, Michael Kors and others. The cuts and the color palette delivered a Marc Jacobs-esque element, but maybe that was just. Needless to say, this is a great collection. This is classical American womenswear that can be passed down to generations. I am eagerly anticipating on what tricks he’s gonna pull out for the target collection.

Karl Lagerfeld’s streetwear “Karl” collection

Gee Whizz, Karl Lagerfeld must be one of the most recognizable fashion icons who who is aware of the economic times *side eye* . Following by his recent collaboration with Macy’s Impulse collection, Lagerfeld will be launching a rock-n-roll inspired for his new Karl collection (wasn’t Donatella doing that with her H&M collection).

Unlike Chanel, who appears to appeal the mature crowd, The Karl line will be catered to younger demographic. There will be a total of 100 garment pieces as the price range is from $95 – $450.00 . These are considered to be slightly little bit more than high street fashion prices, but its definitely a fraction of what one would purchase for Chanel or Fendi! BCBG Max Ezria doesn’t have a problem oppose to his Herve’ Leger collection, so I am willing to give Karl Lagerfeld the benefit of the doubt. Mark your calenders for January 25th, 2012 Ladies! The collection will be sold at Net-a-Porter and

Jackie Chan is so Revolutionary in “1911”

Its unreal to realize Jackie Chan has been in about over a 100 films. Naturally yo would think someone stop and retire. Unlike Jackie, stop filming will not be anytime soon. His latest Hong Kong film will be taken on a serious role depicting a war in 1911 which changed China forever! Jackie plays Huang Xing, an actual solider from Xinhai Dynasty which followed up to the plunge of the Qing Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty’s plunge lead to revolution lead to country to be referred as the “republic of China”.

Jackie Chan has been widely known around the world for his dynamically campy action films with death defying stunts. On the other hand, he has recently taken more serious roles into consideration. The Drunken Masters and Rush Hour series are fine regards to comedy, but playing a role with significant meaning give the Jamie Foxx approach with Ray Charles in “Ray”.  This film defaces what people tend fight nowadays.People now only fight for fame, glamour, or any superficial reasons.

I must admit it would appear to be hypocritical for me to make such a statement when I blog or write about fashion (besides martial arts). Instead, I try to write about the artistry/inspiration behind the designer’s themes.  Jackie’s epic shows what people should really fight for. Revolutions reforms the functions of politics and traditional (fixed) thinking. Hoping I will do the same with this blog.