Simply Gorgeous

In my opinion, this is probably one of the best fighting scenes during the late 90s. Jackie Chan is widely known for his spectacular and unique martial arts choreography throughout his career. Through the influences of the late comedic actor Buster Keaton and Chinese Opera combat and acrobatics, Jackie has created something martial artists and non-martial artist would enjoy filled humor and finesse! Majority of his main scenes provide a particular message. In this scene from the romantic film, Gorgeous, Jackie was an out of shape business defeated from an outdoor boxing match from the opponent (Bradley James Allen) shown in the video. Due to his defeat, he seek to train more frequently (not for competition, but for himself). His dedication for training showed us how much we need to always sharpen our skills so we can ready at all times.

The opponent offers him a rematch which he accepts. The choreography displayed beautiful striking and aerial kicking while complimented the individual fighting styles. Eventually, Jackie recognized he must alter his fighting style to overcome his opponent. Naturally, the alternate style was more fluid and “bespoken” to him. Sometimes, it takes a few hits for us to wake up and change our current position to outweigh those particular outcomes.  I love the contrast on the stylish minimal black and white ensembles as it reflect the yin-yang concept throughout the match! This is one of my favorite fighting scenes ever!

3.1 Philip Lim is “Trickin” it

Showcasing the Video campaign of fashion label, 3.1 Philip Lim‘s upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Mr. Lim never cease to amaze with his fashion aesthetic. However, it appears he officially became my favorite fashion designer has he acknowledged “tricking” to the fashion forefront. Those who have not seen my previous post about tricking, but its a hybrid movement which consist of martial arts techniques fused with tumbling and dance moves (Although the tricker was not credited on the video, I could easily tell it was world champion Micah Karns of Team AKA/Sideswipe, due to his signature kicks showcased). It has been around for almost 20 years.

There is a time tricking was the main deal in the sport martial arts community. This lifestyle has transferred from competition to movies, dancing on America’s Best Dance Crew, TV perfomances from Dancing with the stars, Grammys, etc. However, to find tricking enter the high fashion is world is way beyond a breath of fresh air. I only vision this in my head. One of my close friends, Carmichael Simon (others include David Douglas, Mike Chat, Jon Valera) who I consider a brother is one of the forefathers of tricking in the early 90s, had inspire thousands of people who help paved the way it is today!

Philip Lim will always and forever get my praise to acknowledge these martial artists and performers to another aspect of life! I am uncertain he’s a martial artist; lets just say he is an honorary brother of the empty hand!

“Iron Will”

Tim Man

after watching this video, I can not wait to get on the heavybag and focus on basics. Its a little bit Tony Jaa inspired, but it still does the job quite well. Tim Mann has incredible flexibility and power of his kicks. Sure there is someone out there who is probably giving that “bags don’t hit back” speech, which no one cares lol. Dude is dope!!

Danny Graham – into the desert

There a storm comes, it unravels everything in its path! This guy right here sure does know how to unravel some shit! Martial Artist/Tricker/Dancer/Actor Danny Graham, has decided to release a new sampler with some high flying tricking. This is nothing when it comes to Danny Graham demonstrating such dynamic kicks and twist in the air. What makes this video very stylish is the editing which was done by Dustin Shepard aka Eldente on youtube. This is prehaps one of my favorite tricking samplers. Everything complimented each other #TrickorDie

The Kick

Hong Kong Cinema is not the only ones who bring it! While America is in hibernation mode in the martial arts cinema, other countries have been seeking to step it up! This korean trailer, The Kick, demonstrates the explosive techniques we all have inspired to do martial arts. Since this is a korean martial arts film, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the highlights would be kicking.

Martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Tang soo do are known for their kicks; In addition to the kicking, they added the tricking with the twist (i.e. boxcutters) and spins (i.e. 900, cheat 720s). what you think?

Chris Brown – 12 strands

Parkour…… Tricking……… Martial arts… Chris Breezy is doing it all; Just don’t call him Jackie Chan yet lol. Alright this video is over a year old, but I appreciate Chris Brown more just to make a convincing attempt to provide a little bit of style in this mini film, 12 strands. The rock star vibe really accentuated the Tony Jaa inspired choreography of front kicks, elbows, knees, and of course chin na (joint locks and breaks). I forgot to mention, dude has one of the baddest spin hook kicks than some of the guys in the game right now. Chris, you know some S@#$. You not fooling anyone lol!

720 = National Tricking Day

I will say this, I don’t try to trick or say I am great tricker, but I do support the movement. Most importantly, support the people who has paved the way for other martial artist to exhibit their martial arts techniques. This era tends to focus less on the kicking, which the result look like hardcore tumbling or cheerleading (that was a joke)..

Old me old skool because if it doesn’t have a kick in it, I could care less. Anywho , I discover this video someone made throughout the years of tricking.

Bay side Tricking with Jeremy Marinas and friends

Martial arts trickers, Jeremy Marinas, Kyle Cordova and friends doing what they do best, a show! If some have not notice, tricking is not exactly a martial art. However, tricking contains martial art elements (i.e. kicking) to demonstrate another unfathomable display of expression. Through the lens of Dustin Shepard, he tends to capture you are present of all the action being held. Trick or Die!

Sammy Vasquez

Sammy V is in the building displaying extreme martial arts tricking and highly difficult nunchaku combinations. I have been knowing my homie Sammy Vasquez for a long time.  This guy always raised the bar up with his skill by keeping the audience in the palm of his hand. This Orlando native has won numerous world champions in several continents and featured in commercials and music videos. stupid coo dude

Anis interview with E! News

After the launch of the blog, I have made a couple posts on one of my favorite martial artist/tricksters, Anis Cheurfa (also featured in the Chris Brown video, Yeah 3X). This French twisting and flipping phenomen has easily wowed the martial arts world with his incredible tricking ability and ways to defy gravity! I knew about his role through a mutual friend he was going to be in the Tron movie. Who would have known it was going to be beyond a great movie! Here’s  a video interview of Anis doing it big with E!


here’s more video footage of Anis.