The magnificent Butcher – Sammo Hung

Here’s an old school clip from one of Sammo Hung’s films, The Magnificent Butcher. You gotta love the cheesy sound effects with the dope choreography. I love the crane and snake strikes and blocks.  For a big guy, Sammo can moves. These movies are like those 2 door  Ford Escorts, they don’t make them like that anymore..

Undisputed fighting scene – Scott Adkins and Lateef Crowder

If anyone wants to see XMA and MMA combined, scott adkins is one of the martial arts actors out there to see! This fighting scene from Undisputed starring Michael Jai White features Atkins fighting Lateef Crowder. Alot of flashy kicks, but we all know that basics anchors it all like a pocket square and tie bar would do to a suit, Hell you know what I mean! Overall, I hope to see these guys gain more recognition because American martial arts star don’t get any love opposed to their Asian counterparts!

Fist of Dragon Trailer

Bringing back the roots of martial arts cinema from the 90’s of Jackie Chan and Jet Li, Martial arts newcomer Michael Chouah is showing the new generation hows it done! The new film featuring soon in asia is Fist of Dragon. Quite frankly the title is not as innovative; yet it appears to have something to look in to considering the producer of Ip Man 2 is behind the project.. From looking at this trailer, I will be more pleased Chouah hand technique opposed to his feeting. The observation from looking at the trailer display a balance of hands and kicking strikes.

Most people are naturally better in one particular department; however, I am willing to give him the benefit of doubt. About time there are some new faces emerging from the ashes. This film will be releasing in Singapore on August 22nd.


Matt Mullins – Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat Legacy)

5x world weapons and forms champion, Matt Mullins. has been making quite a name for himself in the martial arts film industry. Formerly a protege’ of Mike Chat, Matt Mullins is also a member of the groundbreaking performance group, sideswipe and featured in countless commercials. This video he protrays the flashy and egomaniac, Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat Legacy. Love the angle of showcasing the rise and fall of the character. Action scenes were pretty standard, but its great to see scenes without too much flash! I would love to see a fighting scene with Matt Mullins and Scott Atkins in the future..

old skool: Keith “Hirayabashi” Cooke

Wu-shu stylist Keith “Hirayabashi” Cooke demonstration at the night time finals back in the 1980’s! He was considered one of the great back in the day! Many people would not recognize him in the movies, but he was Reptile in Mortal Kombat and Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (best fighting scenes in both movies).