Polo Ralph Lauren – In living color

Most of the times, we live in a world of black and white. I am not talking about races either. I’m making reference to the yin and yang (good/bad and positive/negative). Although this contrast of characteristics allows the world to come into full circle, color helps circulate their emotions.

This Ralph Lauren campaign is absolutely stunning. Ralph Lauren has taken the American Style into new heights by incorporating vibrant hues with the tradition Polo shirts and trousers (i.e. cargos, chinos, etc). Although the shirt design are nothing original from previous colors, but the choices of colors provides a breath of fresh air.


Fashion Label hit or miss: “Helmut”

Looks like the pitcher has thrown another curve ball in the fashion world. Fashion Designer, Helmut Lang, has decided to launch a diffusion brand simply called, “Helmut” . It would be considered as a no-brainer regards this label. I would actually like it as if was “HL for Helmut Lang”, which is my opinion. As its scheduled May launch, the line will consist of asymmetrical tanks, slouchy t-shirts,  maxi skirts, leggings – rendered in machine-washable cotton jersey. Expect prices in the range of $95 to $210 (very similar to the pricing of the Karl line, which I have not heard anything about lately).

I love the design for the line, but I am curious about what the consumer thinks. naturally you would consider this to be unoriginal. Despite its lower price, it doesn’t look any different from the Helmut Lang or something from Alexander Wang. The design and the array of items selected makes you wonder the success of this new line. we shall see.


Fashion Report: Betsey Johnson Filed for Bankruptcy

It has been revealed Betsey Johnson LLC has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Majority of the Betsey Johnson stores will be closed ; however, the label will focus on its lower-priced range of clothing, which is sold at Macy’s and other mass retailers. Meanwhile, Steven Madden, Ltd., which has owned all of Betsey Johnson’s intellectual property since assuming her debt of $48.8 in 2010. A devastating result has caused approximately 360 jobs. Fortunately, it was not disturb wholesale deliveries or e-commerce.

Some have speculated this is not a surprise. My honest opinion based on the downfall of the label are based on the new up and coming streetwear designers. These artists have the raw talent and ability as Betsey Johnson selling their product for reasonable prices. I understand there is a specific aesthetic when it comes to the brand, there should have been more catchy campaigns or superstar backing. To my knowledge, there was not! Many young ladies out there will not be happy about this.


Lady Gaga – Scheibe

I have not heard nor seen anything from our beloved Fashion icon and artist, Lady Gaga. Sometimes we have to realize celebrities are humans who has families and a life to live (hence I don’t blog 24/7).

In the meantime, I stumble across this fan made music video of “Scheibe” which happens to be a track from her latest album, “Born This Way“.  Just looking at the video simply delivers the edgy fierceness she’s born with! The black and white cinematography is breathtaking, photo shoot fresh! Lady Gaga’s camp is totally trippin on those Alexander McQueen heels for not allowing to become next single (along Heavy Metal Lover). The only hesitance in this track would be towards an  European Dance record oppose to an American Dance record.

Cast 3 Co-stars with 1 stone = ANTM dismissal

America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) has come to its plunging point of its sitcom. It has reported supermodel Tyra Banks shed shade towards her long time co-stars J. Alexander, Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker the other day (talking about cast 3 co-stars with one stone).

There contacts have not been renewed for the next upcoming season. Despite the fact my neglectfulness (i made it up lol), it was a distasteful to take away some of the most important people who kept the show very entertaining with their expertise and aesthetics. Nigel Barker, as we all know, is a high fashion photographer while Miss Jay taught the ladies how to strut the runway (and own it) and Jay Manuel having the creative direction. If there was a situation where the creative direction was not going anywhere, they I could see why she chose to give Jay Manuel the boot. With the energy Miss Jay has, I would have deep thoughts about dismissing.

There is no one in my fashion conscious mind I would think has the personality nor the reputation to teach these ladies as he would! As for Nigel, I would not have suggested him to leave. His advice is great and he comprehends from all worlds. It would suffice if Barker was a guest judge, sporadically. There should be room for an upcoming photographer to gain shine for branding themselves like him.

I will admit it has been a while since I have watched America’s Next Top Model. To be completely honest with you, there was entirely too many seasons which consisted branding C list celebrities rather than building the reputation to achieve supermodels. Nevertheless, the ladies are lovely to watch with the exception many wasn’t about that life. Being unable to adapt to their surroundings according to specific photo shoots, ego, etc. The show did have TOO many personalities, but letting them go at once is completely ridiculous!!

Phillipe Dubuc – Fall/Winter 2012 video campaign

I would say this Canadian fashion label, Phillipe Dubuc campaign caught my attention. I am totally not sure whether its the noir aesthetic with the contemporary looks, but I can say it looks amazing. I will have my karate guards up now judging from these times. I will need something tangible to give a clear nod.

Zero Underscore – fall/winter 2012

Zero_Underscore, a fashion label from South Korea with debut their collection this fall/winter. The focus of this lookbook is nothing necessarily out of the ordinary. The ensembles have a contemporary cut with hints of leather.The looks are incredibly in proportion. After all, many cuts from Asian labels are super slim compared to their American and European counterparts. Outside of the tailoring, I felt like I have seen something like this before. The brand may have not occurred to me for moment, which upsets me. I suppose I can give this label a benefit for them to grow.


Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier

I has appeared that Jean Paul Gaultier is the new creative director of Diet Coke. The drink company has some pretty dope designs of the bottle featuring Gaultier’s signature flair. The advertisements photographed by Stephane Sednaoui The bottles featured is one with the Breton Nautical stripes while the other one is dressed with a risque corset. Too bad we Americans are unable to cop these bottles because are only available in 9 different countries.

I would not have seen this collaboration coming. It is a known fact soft drinks contains a mass amount of caffeine, which makes you grow a belly. In an image conscious industry as fashion, you would think designers wouldn’t bother considering to do so. I guess Marc Jacobs will be doing a commercial for Denny’s right or Kanye West with Popeye’s lol. I am sorry, but this took me on a loop. On the other hand, I can not complain about the


Zara- Combined Sleeve Blazer

I had to take a double look at this blazer. Whenever you first look at it, it would appear as if it’s a shawl collared varsity jacket. This would be dope far as a 50’s inspired rockabilly look. If you want to create slight contrast towards an urban look, toss in some camouflage pants and call it a day.

Purchase the Jacket, Here


Linda Vojtova – Marie Claire US May 2012

Linda Vojtova gets sporty in water ready attire for the May issue of Marie Claire US. Styled from the garments of Michael Kors, Alexander Wang and Max Mara; Linda hits the beach in Txema Yeste’s incredible eye as she displays her determination of winning. To be completely honest, I never really pay any attention towards any spreads from Marie Claire. I would always view it as a Cosmo magazine (no pun intended). On the contrary, the styling and lens from the photographer got my attention towards becoming a subsrciber.


Wisdom Monday: Habits and Character

Despite the fact there is a sexy chick kneeing the hell out of a punching bag, there is a message which lies beyond those sculpted abs of hers. Often times in life repetitive actions becomes habits while your these habits happens are formed to become your character. The repetition can be either a good thing or a bad thing. If you eat according to your appetite, then that is what you become. This is not something which is determined from others. Its determined based on your actions whether you want to change for the better or for the worst.

There are too many people who regret their addictive habits which lead to their plunged in relationships, job opportunities, etc. For example, I seek to become a successful entrepreneur pretty soon. However, my problem is shopping. Matter of fact, I am a compulsive shopper. The purchase of labels and dope sneakers are great, but habitual ways are affecting towards my goal. In order for me to fulfill my goal, I would know I would need to sacrifice some of those shopping habits (i.e. shop less and invest in your business).

Another Example, I always loved to fight in karate tournaments on my right side. Executing multiple kicks and evasion were more efficient opposed to my left. The habit of being a right-sided fighter only limited me. What if there was someone who observed my fighting HABITS as an advantage by either fighting me in an open stance (a fighting stance while both fighter’s chest facing the same direction). In order to minimize this disadvantage, I had to empty my cup (which is my habit). Emptying my cup allowed me to not only fight from one side, but another.

The moral to the story is when you want to make positive changes, you will need to re-evaluate your habits before they character.We must always have to keep it real with ourselves if we want to grow

“Iron Will”