Real Men wear Pink

It’s funny to me who some people say certain colors are considered feminine. Colors such as purple, magenta, and pink tend to cause a stare from those conservative people. Life is not always black and white. No matter who we tend to view things, there should always be energy rising from the surface.

I am all about being daring to stretch the limits a bit; however, seeing other individuals such as hip hop T.I. and Cam’ron rock pink is quite fascinating. It take major balls to wear a color labeled as soft.

Once you wear a loud color garment, you must to wear it with pride! “Whose gonna check me” attitude is the way to go! Never mind what the dudes have to say; it’s all about what the ladies think! Believe it or not, women applaud men who use a splash a color from time to time.

Dudes night out!

It have been a while since I post some of my personal shit on here…. I happened to kick it with the homies this past weekend. Alot of things were poppin around the way in da ville (louisville fyi); Black and Diamond party featuring Boris Kodjoe, Meek Mills concert at the Gillespie.. For some reason I didn’t want to be around a bunch of folks being brand new and half dressed. Honestly, there was no bloody hell I would pay for an event where I see majroity of the same people at local parties #next! But the greatness of having free drinks and admission to 4th st live sealed the deal!

From time to time, frivolous spending has been a slight hobby, but whose gonna complain about free shit (we in a recession, shit is depressing)! Going to Hotel was the winner! Winning was truly an understatement because the eye candy was out saturday night! Hair did, Nail did, everything did; yeah, they was fancy..

The blASIANS took it to the hole, Kobe!

Talking about a slam dunk, thsese chicks always bring it every time! I’m superman and they are my kryptonite.. A few more drinks and I was good for the night..

My attire was ghetto chic for the most part. Raf Simons T-shirt, Ambush Pow! chain, William Rast Jeans, Asos leather jacket, and Y-3 sneakers (accessorized with a faux fur snood from Forever 21)… I was kinda bummed they didn’t let me rock my Snake skin print Miami Heat Snapback …

Theophilus London dons the Camel Coat -GQ Magazine

One of the must have staples in your closet is the camel coat. With that being said, This issue of GQ magazine has got us together. Now I was kinda hesitant about the jacket giving off a old man appeal (so does a pair of loafers and a navy blazer #kanyeshrug); however, music artist Theophilus London demonstrates some of us fashionable/stylish men the template how to rock the coat.

As you can see, each look Theophilus has possess its own personality. Because every look is so stylish, there is nothing sacrificing the inner swag he has. The jacket is such a classic, it actually accentuates his personal style. What makes the jacket even more appealing are the simple, yet effective accessories from the scarf to the socks. How would you rock it?