Date Night

Its friday night with the Lady and myself… Its great to actually leave your current 9 to 5 and anticipate for those great weekend moments. Emmy and myself went to the Brown theater to see Anjelah Johnson perform live. She is mainly known for her MadTv performance as “Bon Qui Qui”. Endless laughs with the a beauty of mine.

After the show, We treated ourselves to some sushi and a trip to the art museum. Another night in the books!

My Ensemble: Maison Martin Margeila shirt; silk knit tie; Jean Paul Gaultier Vest; (not pictured) polo chinos; cole haan oxford shoes


“Iron WIll”


Bas Rutten’s One step easy self defense course

When all things fail, its best to keep it simple! Take the situations when you are in a bar fight, taking up for your chick, or even just trying to get away, Bas Rutten provides the best (lol) ways to get out of that situation.  I would love to have him as my MMA coach in the future, but this video is hilarious (don’t try to this at home).