Bas Rutten – Number Drills

It is without a doubt Bas Rutten is absolutely no one you would like to fuck with! This mixed martial artist knows who to send a message with inside and outside the ring. Here is a pretty dope number drill you can work on regards to your punches. Before watching this film, I performed a similar number drill consisted of three rounds. Unfortunately, my version was slightly unorganized compared to particular drill.

There is no need for a trained partner available for this video. Another person could easily shoutout a command by calling out a number, which enhances that attentive ear of yours.


Fight Science featuring Bas Rutten

National Geographic Channel presented an educational martial arts show hence the name, Fight Science. Fight Science explores the scientific mechanics of martial art strikes, and breaking from fellow martial arts practitioners.

This small clip demonstrating the velocity and power a mma round kick delivers to the body from THE charismatic MMA fighter Bas Rutton. Shocked by the incredible results from  the kick. Determined to declare whether their stats were correct, the result was not only true, but was greater than the previous test!!

The slight difference from the typical round house  is the targeted areas. In most styles, the round kick is executed by striking from their instep. However, Muay Thai fighters and MMA fighters tend to use then shins. There is no discrimination which one is more effective from the other because they can deliver the message quite well.

Who would really imagine a kick can deliver much damage as a car wreck. Not sure about yall but I am not going to allow that to happen. F$%# that lol!

Power in Kicking with Bas Rutten

Bas Rutten is demonstrating the power of kicking with a roundhouse. I must say this is an unorthodox way of kicking (traditionally speaking); however, it is very effective in the MMA ring! The principle of kicking was very accurate in regards to generating power from the hips! One thing for certain for shooting techniques with power is to go through the target (i.e. head, solar plexus, groin, shins, etc.)!

Bas Rutten’s One step easy self defense course

When all things fail, its best to keep it simple! Take the situations when you are in a bar fight, taking up for your chick, or even just trying to get away, Bas Rutten provides the best (lol) ways to get out of that situation.  I would love to have him as my MMA coach in the future, but this video is hilarious (don’t try to this at home).